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Lunchtime Poll: Books, Books, Books

As promised, the first Thursday of the month is our reading check in. While you’re enjoying your lunch hour (or couple of lunch minutes if your workplace is anything like mine), let us know what books are on your nightstand.

Cover for The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My book club meets tonight to discuss The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which, at the time I’m writing this, I’m not quite finished with. Next month we’re reading Maus I by Art Spiegleman, which I’ve read several times and is a good way to introduce the medium of the graphic novel to an audience that isn’t familiar with them, or thinks comics is all Brenda Starr Sunday strips. (Not that I have anything against Brenda Starr, intrepid reporter.)

I’ve also managed to stack a couple of dousies in my reading list for this month – I got both Far From the Tree (945 pages) and Going Clear (430 pages) from the library recently. While I’m excited to read them, I think I’m gonna have to cry uncle and accept I can’t possibly cram 1,500 pages of reading into my three week check out period.


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Right now I’ve got a few things going. I’m reading Best American Short Stories 2012. and A Hearbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. which I was hoping would suck me in more but hasn’t so far (loving the short fiction though). I’m also reading Building Stories, which I’m really enjoying. I’d probably be through it already but I can’t really take it to bed easily with me so I’m only reading it when I have time to spread out on the living room floor with it. I was expecting my cat to be more involved in the experience but he hasn’t taken much interest.

I just finished a zombie trilogy, As the World Dies, by Rhiannon Frater. It started out great, slumped a bit in the middle, and ended on a good note. The two leads are women, which is pretty rare, and there are definitely feminist themes, but it’s kind of fluffy. I’d recommend it for a beach/locked-in-the-closet-with-some-box-wine reading.

Well, I have my usual stack of ecology books and whatnot, but my “for fun!” stack of books currently consists of Ray Bradbury’s “We’re Always Have Paris”, “The Reading Promise” by Alice Ozma, and I’m rereading “Once a Runner” by John Parker for the umpteenth time- it always gets me in the mood for the spring running season (even when it’s snowing like a jerk outside…).

I’m reading book 6 of the Outlander series. I read the first 5 last year but they’re so bloody long that I gave up so I wouldn’t miss my goal for the year on Goodreads. Since I’ve somehow already read 19 books this year I figured it would be a good time to finish the last two books.

Hi all…slowly but surely coming out from lurking.

I’m reading quite a few things right now.

Buffy Comics by Joss Whedon, et al. My husband got me the library editions and I’m slowly enjoying them.
Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare. I am teacher and prepping for the first time teaching it. Kind of nervous.
Discworld. Just finished The Color of Magic and started The Light Fantastic. Interesting note, I am reading these on my phone at the gym and LOVING it. First real ereading experience.
Cloud Atlas. I know everyone has raved about it, and I am three pages in, but I am honestly a bit concerned it will be too heady for me. Might have to push it to the summer when I can give it the attention it deserves.
Death of Bees by Lisa O’donnell. Just finished and enjoyed it alot. Its very dark and gruesome, but has a good heart and soul. Its part of my Powell’s Indiespensable subscription. They do a good job!

I also just ordered Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being, her new book, which hits the stores 3/12. I love her books, and am very excited!

Yay, I’m actually in a time zone where I can participate in the lunchtime poll :)

I am currently re-reading Neverwhere in anticipation of the BBC radio play. After that I’ve got several things on my Kindle I’m contemplating reading: Silver Lining Playbook, Beauty Queens and Ender’s Game.

My commute book is Anna Karenina. But because it’s 800+ pages long and I only have time on my commute to read ~10 pages, I think I’ll be reading it for a few months. I don’t mind that though. It’s the kind of book that works well in small chunks over a long period of time.

Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea cycle is on my nightstand. I just started the 4th one, Tehanu, which I’m enjoying so far.

I’m also on my umpteenth re-read of American Gods because I saw the paperback of the 10th Anniversary Edition in the bookstore and I couldn’t help myself. I’ve only got a few pages left on that one, though.

My book club is doing Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot this month, so I need to start that soon as well.

Today I found out that my new job doesn’t really care what I do for lunch and that the Thursday meeting takes place across the street from my apartment. Lunch at home, ftw! As for books, I need a good one to read. Nothing heavy. Just fun. That sounds like a dream weekend.

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