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Lunchtime Poll: Guilty Reading Pleasures

So, as we all know, we’re a bunch of bookish and clever women here. Sometimes, though, you really just want to read something that’s not so clever.

My “guilty pleasure” books (and thank heavens for my Kindle, so no one knows what exactly I’m reading) tend to be formulaic murder mysteries. The hardboiled and misunderstood detective, the lady love from the past who suddenly resurfaces, I just love all of it.

What do you read for pure fun?

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I haven’t indulged in mine for a while since it was largely a result of my being in grad school and reading obscene amounts of books each week. In my off time I went for super trashy romance novels, like the ones with half naked ladies on the front. The writing is terrible, the plot is terrible BUT, I always knew where it was going and therefore could fall asleep part way through, keep reading twenty pages on and miss nothing. Ah trashy romances, the daytime TV of books.

Zombie books. Except World War Z, which is a smart zombie book, most zombie books are gory fluff. I can’t get enough of them. Even terrible zombie books.

I used to read a lot of Dean Koontz and Patricia Cornwell, which don’t take a lot of brain investment, but I got bored with both authors several years ago.

My true guilty pleasure is non-fiction picture books for adults, like the entire DK publishing line. They use gorgeous photos, and I always learn some bit of random trivia.

Trashy romance novels. Jude Deveraux, Johanny Lindsay, Amanda Quick, Christine Feehan, Julie Garwood. Love, love, love. And I read them out in the open! So there! *lol*

One of my favorites is “The Lion’s Lady” by Julie Garwood. It’s on my once-a-year re-read list.

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