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Lunchtime Poll: TV Siblings

Bring on the Seavers, the Keatons, the Simpsons, the Bluths! It’s time to tell us your favorite TV siblings.

My secret shame: there will always be a fond place in my heart for Brenda and Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills, 90210. They fought, they had their petty jealousies and being grossed out by each other’s romantic exploits, but at the heart of it, the Walsh twins were a pretty rock-solid team.

Who are your favorite (or hey, least favorite) TV siblings?

By [E] Rachel

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The Braverman siblings on Parenthood (both generations) are pretty awesome. Chuck and Ellie on Chuck kicked ass. Simon and River Tam, obviously. Meredith and Lexie Grey turned out to have a really cool relationship. Hank and Evan R. Lawson on Royal Pains sometimes get a little too dramatic, but they’re pretty good too. And Ross and Monica Gellar!

The only show I’m watching right now with siblings is Avatar (first time through, still in season one). I really enjoy the interplay between Sokka and Katara. It seems genuine and not forced – not too lovey-dovey but not too much sibling rivalry either.

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