Movies With a Side of Nerd: Music and Lyrics

Get comfy in front of the TV, Persephoneers, because it’s time for another installment of Movies With a Side of Nerd! This time, we’ll go for a wider-known film with two actors whose names you’ll recognize. They are Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, and the movie is called Music and Lyrics.

Normally, I stick my nose up at girly rom-coms, but this one is different. Written and directed by Marc Lawrence, the film tells the tale of Alex Fletcher, played by Hugh Grant in his typical sexy-yet-accessible Brit best. Alex is the much less famous half of a duo called PoP, and while his former partner had extraordinary solo success, his career now mainly consists of playing ’80s reunions and amusement parks like Knott’s Berry Farm. (This always makes me giggle because of how much it mirrors the story of Wham!; he is, essentially, another Andrew Ridgely.) When he is offered a chance to record a duet with Cora Corman, the hottest pop star of the day, he’s elated… but there’s one catch: he has only three days to write it and record it, or the deal’s off. Having never been a lyricist, Alex has to find someone to help him write his way to a career resurgence. Enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), who is supposed to take care of his plants while his normal plant lady is on vacation. She has a gift for rhyme and words, and just may be what Alex needs, in more ways than one.

Damn, that sounded so corny, I made myself gag. But no matter! There are definitely a few things that make this movie worth watching.

The chemistry between Drew and Hugh is undeniable. I love them both in most of their individual endeavors, but together, they spark. Her quirkiness and his stuffiness somehow blend together so well that I could see a pair like them working out in real life. It’s also not the harlequin, never-gonna-happen stuff that makes me roll my eyes. Yay for believability!

Surprisingly enough, the music within is pretty enjoyable! I’m a sucker for ’80s pop music, and the soundtrack here would not be too out of place on the radio in that era. As a taste, here’s a YouTube link to the opening credits:

(Courtesy Warner Brothers)

There is more, of course, but I’ll leave that up to you. Overall, I give this a MWSN rating of GPMG: Guilty Pleasure Musical Goodness. Watch it, love it, repeat! Til next time.

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