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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 8.18, “The Survivor in the Soap”

This week’s After School Special – oops, I mean, episode of Bones, centered around a case involving former child soldiers from Sierra Leone and the not-awkward-at-all continuing relationship between Cam and Arastoo.

The A-Plot

Brema crying
Photo, Bones on Fox official website

Speaking of which, Cam and Arastoo are preparing for date night (Hey, I can type while rolling my eyes. Cool!) when a metal drum is rolled into the lab, and the decomposing hand sticking out of it puts paid to any other plans our secret lovers had for the evening. The hand belongs to Symchay Contay, an immigrant from Sierra Leone who was forced to serve as a child soldier there. Symchay had been in the United States since he was a teenager and had built a new life for himself, graduating from cooking school and working at a refugee center helping other immigrants with jobs and housing. His last job was cooking for the opening of a photographer’s exhibit of photos she’d taken of the child soldiers; during the investigation into his death, we learn that Symchay saw himself in one of the photos and that he also recognized a former general in the army as the janitor in his apartment building. Turns out the janitor is in the US illegally and hiding under an assumed name to escape being charged with war crimes. You might think, “Ah ha! Mr. War Criminal is the killer!” but you’d be wrong. The real culprit is the lawyer in charge of the refugee center. Symchay apparently went to Mr. Lawyer with the revelation about Mr. War Criminal and was killed by Mr. Lawyer so no one would find out he had been working with Mr. War Criminal.

The B-Plot

Booth and Brennan at the gallery
Photo, Bones on Fox official website

Booth wants a sun-and-sex-filled getaway with Brennan, and Brennan wants a bones-and-graves-filled vacation. They compromise on an island off Thailand where Brennan can spend all day studying bones and Booth can spend all day drinking on the beach. Presumably they’ll meet up at night and the sex will take care of itself. *fingers crossed for both of them*

The C-Plot

Cam and Arastoo are still seeing each other and still hiding it, because obviously the most healthy relationships are the ones you can’t tell anyone about. After making a point of saying he was too privileged to know anything about child soldiers when he was growing up in Iran, Arastoo loses his shit and screams at Hodgins for not working the evidence hard enough to find out who killed Symchay, which leads to Cam getting all up in his face with a, “STFU, I’m the boss!” which, granted, might just be Cam’s normal pillow-talk. Turns out, Arastoo does know something about child soldiers because one of his cousins (or a nephew, by then I didn’t care enough to pay attention) was taken by the army and then died. So Cam is all sorry and Arastoo is all sorry and they hug and kiss right in the middle of the lab in front of everyone but IT IS TOTALLY OKAY, Y’ALL because they pinkie swear they will only refer to each other as Snookums and Pookiebear when they’re alone.

The Verdict

You know that bit at the end when Crystal Method plays and the credits roll? That was great. I loved that part.


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