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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 8.19, “The Doom in the Gloom”

First auction hunters, now doomsday preppers? Is the Bones writing staff watching too much TLC?

Water drips in a creepy looking house as a woman wakes up with a start. She’s bleeding from the back of her neck and when she opens a door to investigate a sound, the backdraft of a fire gets her. Interesting that we actually see our victim of the week pre-death.

A still from the TV show Bones: the character of Brennan investigates a crime scene.
Brennan investigates. Image: ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX

The team investigates the crispy crime scene, and the female, mid thirties victim is missing her head. She was decapitated by a shelf, and her head ended up in the toilet. Well that’s just undignified. Back at the lab, Daisy finds a bullet in the body and Brennan points out that there are actually two, in an illegal bolo-type bullet that severed the vena cava giving a possible cause of death. A lot of the bones are calcified from the heat, but thanks to the flame retardant vest she was wearing, they’ve got some good bones and even flesh. Cam has an ID: Deanna Barbieri, owner of the cabin, single, ex-military. Signs of syphillis and un-prescribed sedatives are found in Deanna’s bones and system. Deanna had a pattern of misconduct after an altercation with one of her partners and was placed on administrative leave. Booth and Sweets bring in Carlene, the colleague she had a confrontation with. Carlene says that Deanna started talking about the world ending and it upset her, leading to the fight. They were both placed on leave and she had called Deanna a lot recently, worried because Deanna fell off the grid.

Hodgins tests out a bullet made with special materials that would create a large fire along with it. It works and they realize that the bullet that killed her also started the fire. Daisy finds a year-old injury on the victim’s leg. Brennan recognizes it as being hit with something dense at a high speed. From a cannonball. Hodgins finds a cannonball press in the shack and suggests that the victim made the cannonball herself. Angela finds that a Dr. Fred Dumaski was picking up large amounts of lead from junkyards. He even has a website: Dr. Apocalypse, with a video on his website on how to make your own cannonballs. He hasn’t been back to his house since Deanna’s death, and recently bought ten acres of land and military bunkers. Booth takes an FBI team to the land to find the bunkers. The tac team blows the bunker open and brace for what will come out. First, a goat, a chicken, then a very old man and two other people, followed by Dr. Apocalypse.

Dr. Apoc says that Deanna was a great addition to the group. The break was an accident while he was loading the cannon. Brought the group together, showing that they could take care of their own medical care. Booth notices a bad rash on Doc’s arm and he explains that he gave himself a shot for VD. Says his wife knew everything about him and Deanna.

Sweets and Booth go over the other people in the bunker: Dolores Dumaski, in charge of food prep; Dennis Bukovac, emotional and spiritual health; and Milo Mills, engineer who fixes everything. It’s a moot point, though, because Hodgins finds that (due to what was and wasn’t destroyed), the temperature of the fire would have destroyed the body, meaning that the fire started later than they thought, when all bunker people were in the bunker. Sweets doesn’t understand, though, no one else knew where Deanna lived. Daisy spots a new wound, a syringe puncture in her neck, large grade like vets use. The drug that knocked Deanna out was found in the bunker. Sweets suggests that someone snuck out of the bunker somehow, and Angela looks over the schematics to find an escape hatch. But soil would have come in when opened.

Booth has an idea, though, and comes to the lab to show Hodgins, door hinge booby trap. Killer drugged her, set up booby trap, then left, knowing she’d kill herself when she opened the door. Hodgins says they need proof, let’s try it. It works and Booth brings in Milo who says that Dolores would also know how to set up the booby trap. They were backup buddies, he trained her in engineering, and she trained him in animal husbandry. Milo says it’s Dolores, she doesn’t clean and would have residue on her hands from trap still. There’s none on her hands, but Brennan wants to check her fingernails. Brennan sets a spark and her nails go up, showing that she had contact with phosphorus. She admits that she didn’t think Deanna should be part of their new world.

In the cabin, Angela found a letter to Carlene that she was able to reconstruct and she bring Carlene in to give her resolution.

The B-Plot

Booth and Sweets are enjoying a martial arts film and Brennan is trying to harsh their buzz with facts. Sweets gets a call letting him know that he’s getting one of the apartments in Georgetown. Brennan wants his blueberry muffin recipe, and Booth warns him not to get his hopes up. Apparently, a few places have already fallen through. Booth gets the call about the body and he and Brennan are off, handing Christine to Sweets. As they leave, Brennan whispers that she’ll miss the free child care and Booth will miss the extra DVD selection. Ha!

A still from the TV show Bones: the characters Booth, Sweets, and Brennan sit at a diner.
I’ll miss this little family. Image: ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX

Of course Daisy is the Squintern this week (since Sweets is relevant to the plot), and she digs for information about Sweets moving out. Brennan agrees that it’ll be nice to have some privacy back, but Sweets is “the only person in the world that Booth, Christine, and I like the same amount.” Aww, that’s adorable.

Booth tells Brennan that they need to team up and push Sweets out of the nest. At least that’s what Booth says, but his incessant questioning of Sweets to make sure that the place is right tells a different story.

Daisy and Sweets share a moment where she tells him that he’s wonderful and thoughtful and she admires the way that he took time and settled in a safe place while he found a new place to live.

After the case is over, Brennan raises a toast to Sweets as he’s getting ready to move out. Brennan gets emotional in her toast. Sweets can’t thank them enough, and Booth cuts off the emotion fest before it gets too much. The other tenants come to help Sweets with his stuff. They’re two pretty girls named Janet and Chrissy, really? They say hello to “Mr. and Mrs. Sweets.” One of the girls comments to Sweets, “Your dad is hot.”

The Verdict

For some reason, it felt like this case took a while to get going. Maybe it was the fact that all the preview gave away the preppers aspect, but it took more than half the episode for that to be introduced.

I’m worried that we’re going to be going down Daisy and Sweets lane again, but I’m sad to see his time at Casa B&B ending, they were such a delightful pseudo-family.

Your thoughts?

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