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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 8.20 “The Blood From the Stones”

We go straight to the body of the week with a meaty body left in a car for 5 days. The remains have decayed in two different ways due to microclimates. Booth checks out the trunk and finds a sawed-off shotgun with no serial number. Brennan finds some gun shot wounds that did not come from the shot gun. Back at the lab, Hodgins is super excited about the cohabitating bugs thanks to the microclimate. Cam introduces Andrew Jursick, a documentarian, who’s filming a fund-raising film for the Jeffersonian. Brennan just doesn’t want him to get in the way, which I’m guessing he will as he straps a GoPro to his head. As Cam slices open the stomach, a balloon becomes apparent and Jursick calls drug mule. Even more interesting: inside the balloon are diamonds, not drugs.

A still from the TV show Bones: a diamond distributer looks nervous.
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Angela can’t really work with the distorted face, but Cam is trying something to sort it out. It works out and they find an ID: Quentin Coles, who was a security guard at a diamond wholesaler with a criminal record. Hodgins finds that the diamonds are all stolen and worth about $200K. Which meshes with the fact that the wholesaler, Oscar Schultz, was accused of replacing client diamonds with glass. When Booth and Brennan go to question Schultz, it gets awkward for a moment because of the whole Booth not being allowed to ask Brennan to marry him thing. Schultz doesn’t want to talk about Coles. When presented with the diamonds, Schultz gets really nervous and says he needs to call a police office, while digging for a card. Turns out, the victim was an undercover cop.

Commander Dinko identifies Coles as officer Rueben Martin. He wants DC Metro to handle the case, but the body was found on federal land, so Caroline Julian says the FBI has to handle it. He was investigating an ATM theft money laundering scheme. Dinko assures them that Rueben wouldn’t have stolen the diamonds. Rueben’s wife thinks it was Dinko’s fault because he kept promising Rueben a raise and that this case would be his last.

The team determines that the bullet wounds were made from two different bullets and that one ricocheted. They find traces of falcon feces and that leads them to a nest where they find a bullet mark and a gnawed up foot. Brennan says it was from a caucasian female in her mid-20’s and that it has been 6 days since the foot was amputated. Cam finds buckshot in the foot, positing that it’s from the shotgun in Rueben’s trunk. Brennan says that losing her foot wouldn’t have killed the woman, so she’s limping around somewhere out there. Angela traces the ATM theft case footage to a couple of local college kids living together: Marcos Herrera and Paula Byrne, cyber-criminology majors.

Booth and Brennan head to the house and Brennan smells death. Booth busts in the door and they find Paula barely alive on her bed, leg gangrened due to a badly improvised tourniquet. It’s a grisly scene. Booth calls an ambulance, but stops the EMTs from taking her out until she answers his questions. She says that Marcos shot back when the fence pulled out the shotgun. Marcos was with her afterwards, stopping the bleeding, but she passes out before she can tell him where Marcos is. Dinko asks Booth what the girl said, and Dinko reiterates that Rueben wasn’t dirty. Booth says it all looks really shady. He implies that Dinko knows more than he’s saying. Both DC Metro and the FBI are looking for Marcos.

A still from the TV show Bones: the characters of Brennan and Clark Edison investigate a body while being filmed by a guest star.
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Brennan says that Rueben was shot at close range by someone sitting right next to him. The caliber matches what DC cops are issued with. Booth gets a call that Marcos’ car was found and Booth rushes to beat Dinko to the scene, but Dinko’s already there roughing up the kid. Booth catches Dinko telling Marcos to, “Keep his mouth shut,” as Dinko breaks the kid’s nose.

Dinko, Caroline, and Booth sit in the interrogation room, with Dinko pulled in for excessive force. Dinko lawyers up without saying anything. Clark finds some marks on Rueben’s ribs that indicate residue from the gunshots. Marcos is pulled into interrogation. Booth asks him where the money is and Marcos says that a man with a shotgun took all the money. He IDs Rueben as the man with the shotgun. He admits to the ATM theft and the diamond exchanging, but knew nothing about him being a cop. He says, “We’re thiefs… not cop-killers.”

Hodgins finds some particulates of leather and alcohol. Rueben’s wife is brought in for questioning again. The leather is from her purse and the alcohol is from her perfume. What’s more, the gun she shot Rueben with was in their house. He stole the diamonds for her, but she didn’t want him anymore.

B Plot

The Jeffersonian asks Clark Edison to step in on this case for the film, which Brennan is none too happy about. Jursick encourages Brennan to be more “likeable” for the footage and she’s not great at that, either.

Jursick catches Caroline Julian’s eye and the attraction is mutual. He even speaks Creole for her and she’s thinking about all the uses for that camera on his head. Get it, girl. Jursick later approaches Cam to ask for advice about Caroline. It is so awkward for Cam. Jursick gets Edison to call Caroline in… you know, to show how the Jeffersonian works with the justice department. It’s quickly clear that he just wants to see more of Caroline.

After the case is over, Jursick and Caroline meet for drinks at the Royal Diner and she invites him over for a nightcap.

A still from the TV show Bones: the characters of Caroline Julian and Andrew Jursick share a drink
Adorable. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Booth catches Brennan watching the footage from the documentary. She doesn’t like how she comes off in it. Booth assures her that she’s not a mean person.

The Verdict

For some reason, the case in this episode was a little hard for me to follow, but I just loved the little Jursick/Caroline subplot. What did you think?

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