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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.08, “Take It All Off!”

Based on last week’s sneak peek of this episode, I had a bit of trepidation. If designers struggle with non-model size women, what will happen with large, beefy men?

We begin this episode at the end of the last episode, realigning the teams. The judges decided who would be teamed up. And they had some great reasons: one designer has some strong points but needs to be reined in, or one pair hadn’t worked together yet and had potential for greatness. The designers are put into two teams of four. Hmmm”¦like everything in Project Runway, this episode has the potential for awesomeness or to go completely wrong.

The teams are challenged with designing three looks for Thunder From Down Under opening routine costumes, and each must have a tear-away element. Cohesion is a must with only one day and $750 to work with.

The Teams:

Shades of Gray: Daniel, Patricia, Michelle, and Stanley (Shades of Gray, really? Can we just get over it?)

Slick and Hip: Richard, Layana, Samantha, and Amanda

The Results:

Slick and Hip chose to go with all-black suits in a classic Armani style, slim legs and slim collars. As Tim pointed out, you have to remember proportions with guys of this size. My husband plays soccer, so he has larger thighs than most guys and cannot wear even regular fit jeans. You can’t put large legs in slim pants. It looks tight and uncomfortable. Richard made the shirts. Samantha made a vest and pants. Amanda made two pairs of pants; neither fit correctly.

One the runway: One shirt is way too long, Layana’s jacket fits like a woman’s suit coat, and the collars on the shirts are askew in a bad way. The pants are too short. I totally agree with Layana: “These clothes are so bad that all we can do is laugh.” Richard points out that there is not one problem with the tear-away.

Judges: Nina actually snorts with laughter when one man’s pants come undone during the judging–the dancers had no problem taking things off, just a problem with keeping them on. The designers and the judges agree that everything is poor. Instead of businessmen, they look like waiters. The shirts are too long, the pants are too short, the collars don’t work, and the jackets look like ladies’ jackets. Heidi feels that it is the most ill-fitting jacket ever. Zac is surprised that Richard doesn’t understand so basic a concept as making a shirt. None of the designers knew how to make tailored clothing–Zac points out that you need to make tailored clothing for women, too, and the concepts are similar.

Shades of Gray went with a styled look that played with each designer’s strengths. Daniel made a trench coat. Patricia made a woven shirt. Stanley made a black suit with a gray shirt. Michelle made a gray patterned vest with an oblique zipper and gray slacks. Stanley made a pattern for the slacks so all the pants fit – phew. However, none of Stanley’s garments tore off. Daniel’s pants ripped instead of pulling off–totally ruining the performance that Heidi was looking forward to.

Judges: Michelle’s vest is the most palatable of the outfits. They give her points for the zipper. Stanley’s gray shirt is the sad one of the bunch, but all the outfits were a snooze fest. Patricia’s shirt was a lot of work for nothing. The trench coat looks like a beauty smock. Heidi says, “Maybe too much thunder that we needed a really big coat.” Nina tried to stay quiet, probably because all she had were negative comments. When asked who should go home: Samantha and Richard choose to send Amanda home. Amanda and Layana say Richard.

[Editor’s note: My seventh grade home ec class could have done better than the contestants did this week.]

Winner and loser?

Team Shades of Gray wins by default, but there is no winner. What the ****? I think if Michelle had put sleeves on her shirt, she would have won. Hers was the most creative look.

Team Slick and Hip loses. Amanda is out.

Next week is the Lord and Taylor Challenge! Hopefully, there is a bit more success in the designs and delivery.

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4 replies on “New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.08, “Take It All Off!””

I just don’t understand why when Tim saw how they were ALL struggling with the challenge the show didn’t give them another day. They’ve done it in the past (not often) but a respite would have made the runway so much less sad. The saddest strip show ever…

I’m also irritated they sent Amanda home and not Richard. I liked her! And Patricia… meh. Just. Meh. So ready for her to go home.

I have been waiting all weekend to rant about this episode.

First, I totally objectified the dickens out of those nice Australian boys, with their shiny, shiny abs and rawr arms. This only confirms my theory that every single person in Australia is gorgeous.

Now, to the rant. What the hell, designers? I know tailoring is hard. I know making clothes that these nice boys can dance in and take off dramatically is also hard. But you are on Project Runway. You should be able to figure this out. That one poor fella couldn’t even get his clothes off.

Michelle did do better than anyone else, but I’m with the judges, being better than the rest of the crap that went down the runway shouldn’t mean a win.

Yes the men were gorgeous, throw in the Australian accent and I am a puddle.

I hate how designers complain “Oh this is hard.” “I don’t usually design for these clients.” blah, rise to the challenge. Michelle did, it was great. But she had a bit of a problem in her execution.

The designers always have a problem designing for outlandish purposes..remember the drag queen episode. Or the Olympic uniform one?

I was so disappointed with this episode. I mean really, I know making clothes for non-moodles is hard for them, but neither team allocated jobs or time well. They didn’t even have interesting concepts to fall back on to say, “look we tried!”

And I agree, Michelle should have won if only because her outfit was interesting, different, and could be taken off in a sexy way.

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