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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.09, “He Said, She Said”

Guess what? The judges reassigned the teams. (Slap hand to forehead.)

The new teams:

  • Stanley and Patricia
  • Michelle and Daniel
  • Samantha, Layana, and Richard

When the judges arrange the teams, I worry. I know that the combinations are put together for drama and ratings, but those poor designers. True, they signed up for this and after ten seasons, they must have watched the show before. But I feel sorry for Patricia. Stanley’s response exposed right away how this was going to go. Layana and Richard are circling each other, ready to strike at the first sign of weakness.

Daniel and Michelle experienced a communication breakdown. Richard wouldn’t speak to Layana unless he absolutely had to. However, there was a light in the darkness. Patricia impressed Stanley and he admitted to learning a technique from her he wanted to steal.

I wonder, as the number of designers dwindle, if the individual diva attitudes are starting to come out. They have played nice for eight episodes, so perhaps now they are out for blood. Or it could just be the stress. This could be the typical point in the season that the designers start breaking down. Being away from family and working in intense situations can break anyone. I know how I am when stressed. Even happy, smiling Daniel raised his voice in anger and self-preservation.

The Challenge:

The designers must make a ready-to-wear look interpreting the Lord and Taylor rose. The winning look will go on sale March 21st and be featured in the window. Two-person teams must design two looks, the three person team needs three looks.

The Clothes:

Michelle: I loved Michelle’s dress. With a couple more inches in hem length I would wear it. Heidi loved the dress as well and would wear it in an instant. The guest judge thought it was smart and easy. Nina felt that the styling was perfect. The Lord and Taylor representative loved the dress and the tailoring. Judges catch phrases: simple but not, fresh, and easy.

Daniel: Daniel used a bubble gum, Pepto Bismo color pink. I don’t know any woman who could pull that color in such massive amounts. He had a cute tailoring detail, but it did look really matronly. The Lord and Taylor lady liked the dress. Nina was happy to see he embraced a bold color with a conservative style. Heidi felt that his dress was normal. The guest judge challenged him to stop thinking and start feeling. I guess that is what I get for spouting off before the judges do.

Patricia: She made an adorable floating top, with petals around the neck line. The shirt looks like layered flower petals.

Stanley: He made a cute long shift dress, without any signature detail.

Richard: Richard went with a jersey color block. The swath of color creates a nice flow on the model’s body. Heidi would buy it in a moment. It’s a no-brainer dress. Nina brought up the point that this dress has been seen before. Lord and Taylor points out that it is beachy but too dressed up for the day look.

Samantha: Her dress had a cute appeal but ended up being super short. And no bra would work with that heart cutout. Heidi can see the inspiration, but the dress looks like a wilted rose. It comes across very “junior.” Rachel (substituting for Zac) liked it and offered the idea of pairing it with leggings. Nina agreed it was an attempt to take a risk. The Lord and Taylor judge said it was a very cute dress.

Layana: Layana’s halter top flowing flower dress is cute, a bit formal for every day but adorable. She points out that she likes to play with hard (leather) and soft (flowy fabric). Nina feels that the pattern is an old lady fabric. The substitute really loved the dress and the style of the design. Heidi feels that it is a hot dress with an awful fabric.


Patricia and Stanley are safe. This is the drawback to team approach. If they were individuals I think the top outfits would have been Michelle and Patricia.

Michelle and Daniel are the winning team!

Samantha, Layana, and Richard are the losing team. Samantha and Layana vote for Richard being out and Richard voted for Samantha.

Michelle is the winner.  Samantha is out.

Do you think the team breakdowns are stress or diva cut-throats? Did Samantha deserve to go?

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Ugh. Why won’t Richard go away? I’m betting next week. Samantha’s dress was crazytown but Richard’s was boring.

I surprisingly didn’t hate Patricia’s look but I thought so many of them were too literally flowery. I wouldn’t ever wear Michelle’s dress but it was definitely the freshest and cutest of the bunch.

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