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New Show Recap: “Project Runway,” Episode 11.6, “Senior Fling”

This episode starts with the wonderful button bag, but it is for a good reason. All the teams are paired, but because one pair was broken up, Michelle needs a new partner. Heidi draws the name of the team that Michelle will join. She becomes a part of Layana’s and Patricia’s team. The rest of the teams stay intact. While the team is not excited, they doe look on the bright side, “Judges think she has magic so maybe her magic will rub off on me.”

This challenge points out that good fashion is ageless and timeless. The gimmick here is that all the designers must design for an older client. This is, of course, the dreaded “Real Person” challenge. I tend to be dissatisfied with these. Just think back to evil Ven last season. This challenge is when his true colors came out. The non-fashion industry people tend to get treated horribly and someone always gets a crap dress. No one deserves that.

Each team is given 200 dollars and two clients.

Joan and Melissa Rivers are the guest judges.

The Results:

Michelle, Patricia and Layana are safe. Michelle and Layana score some of the highest points, but Patricia’s lowest score kept them from the top. Layana admits that she didn’t realize she would never have a chance to win if a teammate had the lowest scores. At least Michelle is not in the bottom again. I felt her dress was cute. Michelle made an adorable brightly colored dress with sparkle around the waist. Layana’s impressed the judges, had great color, but the trim wrapped around her client’s hips in a way that cut into the woman’s shape.

Top teams:

Samantha and Daniel: I loved Samantha’s look. Samantha’s dress has an adorable leopard print bottom with a satin black belt and a bright chartreuse top capped with beautiful sleeves. Her client loved it.

The judges felt that the dress gave a mixed message with Patricia’s tattoo and accessories. Nina hated the princess dress with a bow.

Daniel’s suit jacket had a great one-sided collar. I wasn’t keen on the pants, but his client wanted a sexy black suit. The pants are high and the jacket wasn’t quite long enough for my taste. I tend to want the jacket to hit right in the middle and not accentuate my tummy area. Daniel’s jacket framed it. His client Susan loved it. The judges agree, though the guest judges want a bit more pop.

Richard and Stanley: Stanley made a beautiful pant suit. All are pleased. However, the judges point out that the pant legs are a bit short. Despite this, he made an almost impeccable pant suit. The seaming was spot on.

Richard made a comfortable dress in teal with a black stripe down the left side. I love the dress. Nina feels that the dress drowns her a bit and that Richard could have pushed himself a bit more. The sub judges felt that his dress was the most youthful.

Stanley is the winner.

Bottom Teams:

Amanda and Benjamin: Both Amanda and Benjamin miss the mark in my opinion. Neither dress  flattered their clients. Amanda tried to give it a flirty shape with a cute neckline. One judge liked the print on a painter, but the dress is torn apart by all the judges. It shows mistakes. They felt it was too girly for the client and that she didn’t take her client into consideration. Amanda knew as soon as she got back from Mood that the type of fabric was all wrong and that her idea of structure wasn’t going to work with flowy fabric. The dress proved her right.

Benjamin made a teal dress in a retro ’50s party style and Heidi doesn’t love it. The judges point out that it looks tight and that the construction shows the material is not happy. The pairs stay intact.

Kate and Tu: Tu had a beautiful idea but couldn’t pull it off. The dress turned into a large coat wrap that is only held together by the belt. The judges didn’t like how poorly it was put together.

But the judges actually liked Kate’s look. She did not get a bad score and was only in the bottom because of Tu. I really would have done a different color on top. It looked like a black wet suit with an adorable skirt.

Benjamin is out.

I think Amanda was sadder for him than he was. I am just sorry the loss came right after his success last week. He was just getting his confidence back. Maybe this way he will know that he is still good out in the work field.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision?

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While Benjamin’s dress was not revolutionary and was a bit tight I think Amanda’s was far far worse. Her dress looked horrendous from the back and wasn’t that great from the front. It looked like something you’d find at the clearance rack of the Deb for $2.00 made out of some horrid un-breathable fabric to boot.

I think Nina must not know many people with tattoos if she can’t see how perfect that dress was for that woman. I personally love when super spunky women with short fun hair and tats wear exceedingly cute clothes. I think it’s really stylish and a great way to play to their personalities since not everyone with a tattoo is a burly biker babe.

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