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New Show Recap: The New Normal, Ep. 1.19 “Blood, Sweat, and Fears”

Bryan, David, and Goldie are all at a doctor’s appointment for Goldie and the fetus. David remains engaged throughout the appointment, but Bryan is a little more flip. Turns out that because David is a doctor, Bryan’s a bit lax about learning things like the Heimlich, or anything about the baby’s healthcare. David’s fed up with Bryan’s disinterest and says that he’s not going to provide any doctory input anymore and that Bryan has to do some research on his own.

Bryan does do the research and decides he wants to go to alternative birthing classes. You can see that OB-GYN David has some opinions about this, but he swallows his displeasure to encourage Bryan’s interest. They decide to go to a class at a local natural birthing center, and Goldie seems pretty excited about it. David says that he’s not telling anyone that he’s a doctor and that he will act like a “regular dad.” They meet another couple, Frank and Amy, who are planning on a hypno-birth, and Bryan is just as excited about a natural experience without “unnecessary” medical intervention. David gets in a quip about how awful antibiotics are, but still seems willing to play along.

Later, they watch a video of a home birth and the close up of the actual delivery gets to Bryan and he faints. David patches up his head, and another doctor at David’s practice (the one who was examining Goldie earlier) points out that having a family member faint in the delivery room can be dangerous because it distracts the doctors from the actual birth. Bryan is ashamed, and doesn’t want to put his baby at risk, so he decides that he shouldn’t be in the delivery room.

Frank and another dad from the birthing class drop by to visit Bryan and express their own discomfort with seeing the birth. Bryan encourages them to be honest, which I’m sure will end well. I’m not sure why no one is pointing out that being in the delivery room doesn’t have to mean being at the “business end” of things, but it’s more convenient for the plot this way, so I guess we’ll just let it go.

When Bryce comes by to talk to Goldie, Bryan relates the story of the fainting and how he’s decided he won’t be in the delivery room. Bryce then says he wasn’t in the delivery room when his daughter was born, and that he’s always regretted it. His words seem to convince Bryan that he should be there to meet his son the moment he’s born even if he is afraid. He tries to tell his other friends that they’re wrong about not being in the delivery room. But as Frank goes to tell his wife that he won’t be able to witness the birth, she blurts out that her water just broke and she’s been having contractions all day.

David immediately rushes over to say they need to get her to the hospital. The birthing teacher starts to say that they can have the birth there, in the birthing tub but Amy yells, “SHUT THE *BLEEP* UP AND GET ME TO A HOSPITAL,” so they all head to the car where Bryan is driving them to the hospital. Goldie and David are in the back seat with Amy while Frank is in the front and obviously barely keeping it together. David suddenly tells Bryan to pull over because they won’t be able to make it to the hospital.

In a parking lot, David lays Amy out in the back of the car and apologizes that they’re not sticking to her birth plan while encouraging her to push. He calls Frank over to help, and Frank isn’t able to bring himself to come over so Bryan ends up going over. David tells Bryan to put pressure on the pelvis while he adjusts the position of the baby. Given a job, Bryan is calm and collected and tells Frank that he has to come over and see his child being born because it’s amazing. Frank is then finally able to come over to be by his wife while David talks them both through the delivery. Amy successfully delivers a baby girl to the relief of everyone.

Rocky’s joy at having a daughter is being tempered by the realities of trying to take care of a toddler while working. Shania offers to babysit, and when Rocky sees Shania having a relatively easy time taking care of Nikki, she becomes self-conscious about her own abilities as a mom. When Shania offers to take Nikki again, Rocky hallucinates Shania and her parents insulting her parenting abilities. She flips and insists that she doesn’t need any help.

Later, Rocky comes over to apologize to Shania for snapping at her and confesses that she was insecure about her own mothering abilities. Shania tells her that while she can take care of Nikki for an hour or two, Nikki still needs her mom. Rocky is visibly relieved, and seems more comfortable with letting Shania take care of Nikki sometimes. I’m not recommending that nine year olds babysit without supervision, but letting Shania watch Nikki in a different room while Rocky works seems fine.

Meanwhile, Goldie speaks to Bryce about renting a retail space for her growing clothing business. She’s nervous and is worried that Jane will try to talk her out of it, which is why she approached Bryce.

Bryce finds her a place and she decides to sign a one year lease. Goldie is very nervous, but Bryce points out that the price of something great is usually fear. At the end of the episode, we see Goldie walk into the space, afraid, but also excited for the possibilities.

I’m always a little annoyed that birthing options on TV shows like this are presented as “Hospital birth with all possible medical intervention” or “crazy home birth with flute playing and a complete rejection of modern medical technology,” but I guess a calm and nuanced look at birthing options isn’t very funny. Anyway, we’re getting ever closer to the actual birth, which is exciting!

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