News Appetizers

The news is a lot of the same ol’ same ol’. But at least we discovered that Lululemon pants are just as overpriced as we thought!

Obama will try to do what no president has done before: bring peace to the Middle East. Good luck with that one! NYTimes

India passed a sweeping bill that addresses violence against women. NYTimes

Cyprus is broke. Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if they weren’t playing banker to lots of foreign folks (particularly people from Russia). BBC

Congress voted to avert a shutdown by passing a spending bill that will keep the government running through September. BBC

Scotland will vote on independence in September of 2014. LATimes

Lululemon Pants might show your butt cheeks. Apparently these overpriced pants are lacking in quality. (BIG SHOCKER!) LATimes

More than 60 percent of Americans support a path to citizenship. Slate

Colorado is cracking down on guns hours after the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections was shot. Slate

A study links fattier milk to slimmer kids. NPR

Is the housing market really improving? NPR 

What news have you been following this week?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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