News Appetizers Do the SCOTUS Shuffle

What is that you say? It’s following the oral arguments to guess at the ruling.

From the oral arguments on Wednesday, it sounds like SCOTUS will likely overturn DOMA. The primary unknown is how narrow they will make the ruling. NPR

Banks reopened in Cyprus Thursday after a two-week holiday. Measures are still in place to help prevent a run on the banks. New York Times

The global Internet slowed due to a massive attack from people who hate spam. BBC

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to the hospital with a lung infection. NPR

The U.S. sent stealth bombers to fly in military exercises in South Korea (and show North Korea who is boss). CNN

Students at Damascus University were killed in a mortar strike. They were in the cafeteria. New York Times

Studies of people who had weight loss surgery have found that there is a change to the bacteria in the gut post-surgery, which suggests nonsurgical treatments for obesity. BBC

Detroit’s emergency manager law went into effect yesterday. People protested. Rightly so. Detroit Free Press

What news have you been following?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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