News Appetizers Need Some Just Deserts

I cannot even with some of the news below. But in a world where so many horrible people get away with horrible things, at least one man got his just deserts this week.

Catholics around the world look to Rome for Pope and change. (*snort* ~ed.) NYTimes

Truth is often stranger than fiction: “Officer is Found Guilty in Cannibal Case.” NYTimes

Stuff is going down in Detroit: First, the city is appealing the decision to assign an emergency manager. Because a half-hour meeting is clearly enough time to prove what decades of mismanagement couldn’t. Then, our dearly departed Kwame got what’s been coming to him. Yay for justice! The Detroit Free Press

In an ever-increasing effort to remain relevant post-election, Paul Ryan has unveiled a budget plan that makes Democrats stabby. BBC

Public enemy number 1? Cyber attacks. NPR

Judge enters a not guilty plea for the Aurora shooter. There are complex legal reasons for this, so don’t get all upset about it. Slate

Well, this will give you a rage stroke: the defense lawers in the Steubenville case are arguing that the victim didn’t actually say, “No.” Of course, the victim was nearly unconscious. Hairs. Let’s split them, shall we? Salon

I hate to leave you with that last story in your head, because I nearly screamed with rage when I read it. So here’s a picture of my cat. She’s very soothing.

A picture of a cute tabby cat


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