News Appetizers: Paging Doctor Who

Guys. There’s a job opening for the Doctor and River Song in here.

Pope Benedict stepped down yesterday. He promises to not be one of those popes who keeps reminding people that he was pope by popping up at meetings every darn week. NYTimes

The U.S. will now officially start helping the Syrian opposition. NYTimes

Paging River Song and The Doctor: a mission to Mars seeks an older couple who won’t drive each other nuts living with each other in a space-ship for two years. BBC

Hey! Good news! The House reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act. NPR 

Lab tests show that your Budweiser is at full strength. But it apparently still tastes like watered down beer. NPR 

Bradley Manning pleads guilty to some charges in the wikileaks fiasco. Salon

Bob Woodward had opinions on sequestration. He claims the White House told him to keep those opinions to himself. Emails are now throwing that story into question. Salon

You know, the news wasn’t really terrible today. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

By [E] Sally Lawton

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