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This week is going to be a short and sweet, a la news appetizers Asian style. Hope everyone has a good week.

Today marks the second anniversary of the tsunami that devastated Japan. A new study shows that the forests that cover 70% of Fukushima Prefecture are still radioactive in the wake of the nuclear power plant meltdown that followed the tsunami, and the magnitude 9.0 quake that caused it was so loud that a satellite in orbit was able to detect the extremely low-frequency sound waves it generated.

North Korea is really, really not messing around, and China is pissed.

At least 20 bodies were pulled from the River Quwaiq in Aleppo, Syria on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia is considering replacing public beheadings when carrying out death sentences.

Filipinos are fleeing the Malaysian state of Sabah due to reported abuse and killings by security forces.

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea, but no tsunami warnings were issued since the epicenter was at an estimated depth of 50km.

Aung San Suu Kyi has been reelected as the leader of Burma’s National League for Democracy.

Finally, as Chuck Hagel makes his first visit to Afghanistan as Secretary of Defense, Afghan president Hamid Karzai has leveled accusations that the U.S. and Taliban both want to destabilize his country.

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And as always, Israel whines about not being taken seriously (I’m sorry, I’m not of the lobby). They feel like they’re boycotted because some European countries want to put “made on occupied land” on some Israeli products. Because there really are no bigger worries inside your country borders.

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