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Pinteresting Projects: Orange Candle

So I saw this DIY for a candle made out of an orange on Pinterest. I tracked it down to this Instructables post.

As with many DIY items on Pinterest, I wondered if this would turn out really well or go terribly wrong. But since I had a nice orange on hand, I thought, “Why not?” Here are the steps I took to make an orange candle.

First, get yourself an orange, a sharp paring knife, and some olive oil.

Orange, knife, and olive oil
Needed: a nice orange, a super sharp knife, and olive oil.

Next, carefully cut around the circumference of the orange. Then, jam your fingers under the skin to peel it off in one section. When you get to the top, slide your finger into the navel of the orange so you pull out a single strand of pulp on the end where the orange was once connected to the tree.

Pictures of orange being peeled to make a candle; a closeup of the pulp string left inside; the top of the orange
The picture on the far right is the side of the orange that will have the wick.

Pour olive oil into the orange part with the wick. You don’t want a lot in. I eye-balled it, but I probably put around 2 tablespoons in there. Dip the wick into the oil. You want that part to sit for a minute or two, so while you’re waiting, cut a hole in the end of the orange that doesn’t have the wick.

Dipping the wick into the oil; hole in the other half of the peel
Dab the wick into the oil and cut a bigger hole on the end that doesn’t have the wick (it will already have a small hole in it).

Light the candle and place the top (the part with the hole) on top. You’ll have a very pretty candle.

A picture of a lit orange candle
It’s so pretty! Too bad it went out after 5 minutes.

As with many items on Pinterest, this was both a good and a bad idea. The candle remained lit for only five minutes, and it did not smell of orange. It smelled of burning oil. I thought maybe the wick needed to absorb the oil a bit longer, so I lit it again the next day. It still went out after five minutes.

It was very pretty for five minutes, though!

If you’re looking for something that does work, Pinterest told me how to simmer lemon slices, rosemary, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract to make my house smell like William-Sonoma. And that works just great!

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I’ve been eyeing this for a while. I’m all about oranges and wondered if this would smell as good as an orange-scented candle my sister got from Sea World (that I’ve never been able to find again, dammit). I’m so glad I didn’t get around to it before reading this. I would have been sorely disappointed.

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