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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.07, “What the Duck?”

In my family, we say duct tape fixes everything, and so begins the first ever duct tape challenge. The designers must create a prom dress using duct tape. Then they meet with a group of teenagers to garner input. The teens also vote on the designs. The teen’s votes have 20% total value to the final scores.

The designers are put into teams of two and only have the current day to design. Stanley begins the choosing and the drama. Richard assumed he would stay with Stanley, but Stanley chooses Layana.

Our design teams are:

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  • Kate with Tu
  • Michelle with Amanda
  • Richard with Daniel
  • Patricia and Samantha
  • Stanley and Layana


This time each team has to make one dress. So since we only have five dresses, we get to talk about each one. Duck brand duct tape will donate $50,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice.


Michelle and Amanda made a red punk dress with varied size black and silver houndstooth. They gave the bodice an asymmetrical shape with a point over one breast, the reverse of the point had a black and white pattern.

  • Results: The guest judge loved their dress. Zac said they did a wonderful job but the cutouts were a bit difficult. Nina relates it to Gwen Stefani – I could see Gwen wearing this. Heidi is really into the dress and loves it. Fist pump for Michelle.

Patricia and Samantha made a silver-topped dress with a black and bright blue skirt. Patricia tried to do a shredding fabric technique to the tape of the skirt. Daniel called it a jiffy pop dress, and I totally see that. After meeting with the teenagers, Samantha and Patricia flatten the back of the dress before the runway show, taking away some of the jiffy-popness.

  • Results: Patricia and Samantha won the most student votes. The judges love the dress. The back is phenomenal. Nina compares it to Katy Perry. Zac points out that, “All the men will stick to her.”

Tu and Kate made a dark blue long dress and tried to create volume and texture. Tu went along with Kate because she had gone to a prom.

  • Results: The judges feel the dress is not fun. They deem it it old fashioned and consider the color to be matronly. Nina calls it cliché. Zac doesn’t mind the length, but there is no fantasy.

Richard and Daniel took all the gold duct tape so that their dress would be the only gold dress. They made a short gold dress with side cutouts and ruffles around the skirt. I actually had a pink dress with the exact same look when I was in school. Daniel says they were inspired by Sixteen Candles.

  • Results: Heidi says it looks 20 years ago – actually, I had my pink dress in middle school over 20 years ago. Zac likes the dress, but thinks that the detailing should have been on a different part of the dress. Nina points out that the team has gone from heroes to zeros. Her biggest problem is that the dress is one dimensional.

Stanley and Layana created a black and white dress using black tape and a white-based zebra print. The bodice is black with white trim and the skirt is the reverse color pattern. They then made an over sized florescent pink bow around the waist. I think making the trim out of pink, like Stanley wanted to in the beginning, would have been awesome.

  • Results: Nina loves the bow and the styling. Heidi says it’s plugged in, cool, and modern. The bow was determined to be bold. The guest judge stated that the bodice is like a Greek goddess warrior with a fetish appearance.

And the Winner is?

Michele gets the win. Finally! Michele and Amanda are the winning team. Michele’s chosen charity is Autism Speaks. Just one more reason to like her.

Tu is out. Tu agrees with the decision. He lost his voice and point of view in the process by just going along with what Kate said.

Kate is also out. What?? Is this because no one has quit this season? Do they have one too many designers? Or maybe it is because Kate talked smack all through the episode? It is like the red shirt in Star Trek – the one who brags (red shirt) is the one who dies.

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6 replies on “New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.07, “What the Duck?””

So excited that Michele won. I kept getting pissed when people would refer to their dress as a costume, especially Patricia and Samantha because their dress looks most like a costume. Not that that’s bad. It just did.I made a ton of stuff of of duck tape, so this was exciting to see. I was pissed that the money went to Autism Speaks though, since they make life harder for autistic people.

I’m sad to see Tu go, he had some great one-liners.

YAY MICHELLE AND AMANDA! I loved that dress, I thought it was really cute, and it’s totally more akin to something I would have worn, had I gone to a prom.

I did not like the gold ruffled Jiffy Pop dress at all. It was all the worst parts of the 80s and the 90s, smushed into one dress.

Yay Michelle! About damned time. I love her and Amanda as a team. I don’t get everyone hating on Amanda. I was worried the judges were going to throw their dress and Samantha/Patricia’s dress under the bus but they actually surprised me a bit.

I couldn’t believe what brats and how full of themselves Daniel and Richard got. It was super annoying how in love with themselves they were. Didn’t you learn two challenges ago, Daniel, when you were in the bottom after loving your dated look? And taking all the gold tape? Blech.

I have to say that I’m kind of glad that Tu and Kate both got kicked off. I had to scroll up to remember her name that’s how much she stood out to me. Even Patricia (whose work and attitude I find slightly annoying) is memorable. Tu? What did he ever make? Kate? She just trash-talked. Red-shirt indeed.

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