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This Open Thread Is a Furry Happy Monster

God kittens, it is Tuesday and looking at the news makes me want to scream, rage, ANGER HULK SMASH!

Of course, I can’t go on a Hulk smash rage without getting locked up, so my next best solution is dealing. And how do I deal?


How do you deal when feeling LADY HULK SMASH?

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I really, really would like something to cooperate in my life. Or to find out that I had a wealthy relative who left me ALL OF TEH MONEY so I can pay my rent and eat food. This consistently being broke as hell shit is the WORST. I get to figure out how I’m paying April’s rent, yay…Maybe I can sell my kindle. I don’t know. I just know that I HATE that this happens every few months, even if I save the extra when I’m working.

BUT! Today I am going to the local “Not In Her Shoes” event, and I have a special t-shirt about how politicians are not doctors. I just need to caffeinate sufficiently.

You guys, we close on our house in a week and I’m soooooooo so so so ready to move out of the future in-laws. I want to eat what I want to eat again. I want to sit on the toilet for as long as I want when my stomach’s upset without hearing, “You were in there for awhile,” from my FIL. I want to sleep at odd hours without receiving serious side-eye. I want have sex whenever, where ever, and however I want it. Ugh. We have no privacy in this house and yeah…it’s time to go.

Our hosting company taking almost eight hours to recover from a power outage and having P-Mag inaccessible for all that time made me pretty HULK SMASH!, not gonna lie. Haven’t we had enough crap happen the last few weeks? Jeez.

So, yeah, that’s what happened, in case you were wondering why you couldn’t get your P-Mag fix last night.

I guess I’m the first person to comment on the open thread since most people are probably sane enough to be ASLEEP right now. All I want to do is bitch about my life for a little while, so if you don’t want to read about it, feel free to pass!

This is my hell week right now. For starters, I’m back from vacation, which was great, but it sucks to be back at work. :P Then I have a term paper and accompanying presentation due by Sunday at 9pm PST (midnight EST). That isn’t the end of the world, except it basically all needs to be done by Thursday night because following work at my day job on Friday, I will be jumping into working pretty much the rest of the weekend at my other job, including an all night event. I also have a wedding to try to squeeze in on Sunday. To top it all off, my folks are flying out tomorrow for the DRC where they are relocating for work. I said goodbye to them in person on Sunday but I won’t be able to see them off at the airport because it’s in the middle of my work day. And the next time I’ll see my folks? God only knows. At minimum, it’ll be a year and a half until I see them face to face next, probably longer.

So yeah…this week is pretty brutal, and back to researching I go!

Psssssh. Who sleeps at night? Certainly not me. :

Sorry your week is on the crummy side though. It’s always rough coming back from vacation (speaking of which, I think I’m due for one) and I couldn’t imagine not seeing my parents for that long. :( Hope the research is going well!

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