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This Weekend Open Thread is On Spring Break

It’s much less of a party when you still have to go to work.

Spring break!! Woo!! Except not really because, you know, I still have to get up and go to work on Monday and Tuesday. But still, no classes, so I can spend more time than usual enjoying Sims 3 University Life  and pretending I’m not about to enter serious end-of-semester crunch time.

Anyone else on spring break this week?

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I’m getting pretty down about not being able to write (to my own satisfaction anyway). It’s become so bad that I don’t take pleasure in it anymore and pretty much just tell myself that if I do start to write sonething, it’ll be worthless.

I know how irrational that is, but it’s getting unbearable. Especially since I got my first in English pretty much off the back of my creative writing.


Anyway. Sorry for the negativity. Hope everyone is doing well :)

This weekend was awesome, despite the switch to DST that has me wide awake at 10:30. I lazed around all Saturday, then today I cooked ALL THE FOOD. I don’t have to make breakfast or lunch for myself all week! Wooo! More sleep time!

Part of me knows that all this being-prepared will find a way to unravel, but for now I’m going to enjoy it.

The big university had spring break this week, so their buses weren’t running and the libraries were on shorter schedules (though, mostly empty). I spent half of it being lazy in the apartment and the other half at the fancy new library goofing off on the internet (and doing job-searches and pre-grad-school application stuff because I need to get that process going). But people come back this weekend, so I can take the shorter bus route starting Monday (and the university’s bus line is nicer and there aren’t as many people and when it’s full, students are more likely to be nice and squish a bit).
Tomorrow I am walking up to the lake that’s on campus (it’s about a mile and a half) and spending an hour or two just being outside. Because it’s pretty outside, and it will be warm, and I need to do things.

Also, online dating is weird. (Oh yeah, Fella and I are officially broken up but friends and that’s kind of weird too.) I mean, I feel like I’m weeding out the super-unsavory by stating that I’m a feminist outright, but it’s weird how many otherwise seemingly-awesome men think anyone who’s not visibly athletic is a lazy internet-addicted slug. Or the real-world representation of the virgin-whore mindset (i.e, “a girl is open to sex, she’ll have sex with anyone, otherwise she’s a nun”). Or they obviously don’t read profiles and assume that having terrible grammar and spelling and no realistic goals would be appealing to someone who is planning on getting a master’s and potentially a doctorate in LITERATURE. At least I’m not getting unsolicited penis pictures yet.

I just want to cosign on the online dating thing. I just had a cute fifth date (ish) with a guy I really liked, which is super rare, but he proceeded to explain to me that he likes me, cares about me on an emotional level, is attracted to me, thinks I’m smart and funny, and doesn’t feel like we would work in the long term. Which is hurtful and disappointing, especially given that it takes me more than two weeks to decide these sorts of things. But that is the third “YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON. Let’s not date though.” that I have gotten from a guy I was totally falling for and while nice, it’s frustrating as hell.

Okay, that was a very personal rant, but it’s a minefield. The library day sounds nice though!

I was actually kind of glad when the smart, kind, attractive math teacher mentioned that he’d met someone else and was going to focus on that…I felt bad, but I just wasn’t feeling it at all. Also, he said something early, rather than doing that “I’m going to put off the unhappy conversation as long as possible” thing. Online dating is so weird, but sometimes it can be okay. And, well, it’s easier to ignore the creeps.

I think I was unintentionally mean to my boyfriend… we’re living together in a different country than ours and I essentially told him he glorifies his friendships at home while not putting any effort into maintaining them. I think I’m right, but I could have said it better, and now he’s lying down in a dark room with tissues… :( Bad girlfriend…

My brother moved to Denver last winter and I got to visit him over this past summer. Denver is pretty awesome, indeed. There is a place a few blocks from his apartment that is combination delicious-coffee-bar/bicycle-shop/excellent-beer-variety-bar. Sure it’s full of hipsters, but I also love all those things and immediately swooned a little for Denver. Also: REI flagship store!!

Okay. Moving out of company housing today to my new apartment down the street. Of course, this means being moved out of here by 6:30, so I can be to work no later than 7. On a Saturday. (Boooooooooooooo for 60 hour work weeks.) Point being, I’m going to be PMag AWOL until I have cable and internet at the new place late this week. Except for MM. That poll will be done on my phone every day. Like fuckin’ clockwork, man.

See y’all on the other side!

Has anyone seen Oz yet? I’m debating seeing it in the theatre and want to know if it is worth it. I don’t want to see it in 3D. However, movies are insanely expensive here and I am very choosy about what I pay to go see. But, it seems like the type of movie to see on the big screen.

There is no such thing as spring break for the grad student. I will continue writing and stressing through this weekend, the following week, and every week and weekend until my dissertation proposal is defended and passed in May/June…

Until then, I have a delicious bottle of cabernet sauvingnon at hand, a happy kitty asleep on the back of the couch behind me, and a quiet (hopefully productive) weekend at home stretching out in front of me. Yeah pajamas til Monday a.m.!

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