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This Weekend Open Thread Laughs to Keep from Crying

While I was trying to decide what to write here, I came across the WTF, Plus Size Clothing Manufacturers? blog.

As a Fatty McFatterson, I get pretty sick of the horrible, low-quality, over-priced nonsense that gets marketed in plus sizes. Places like Old Navy jack up the cost while simultaneously relegating us to online-only shopping. Places like ModCloth and Forever 21 pat themselves on the back for adding plus size sections, but their sizes don’t go up very high. Very few plus size manufacturers use models who are actually plus sized. And so on.

So, loyal readers (especially those of a Fatty McFat variety), tell me about your most ridiculous shopping woes.

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My jeans haven’t fit in months and I refuse to admit defeat. Old Navy fits me pretty well but I’d rather wear leggings and comfy dress pants endlessly. They WILL fit again someday.

Had a pleasant Easter with the fam, now I just want to curl up and sleep but my sister will never forgive me if I don’t come over and watch GoT with her. Jetlag messes with my head and I’m so tired.

I feel you with Doctor Who. I know my interest sharply fell off after the last few specials with Ten, cause of all the rage his ending made me feel. I only just this past week started watching through the show again since it is on Netflix. But I’m getting closer to the Matt Smith stuff…but then hearing about all the shit that Moffat is doing with his female characters doesn’t make me feel particularly keen on getting into his part of the series.

Also in same boat about new Who. I watched it but I didn’t care too much. I really want to like it, but it’s been so long and the stories seem a bit… lazy? I know the writers /aren’t/, but it feels like there’s been a lot of deus ex machina-ing happening lately.

As a fellow Fatty McFatterson, I am tired of not being able to buy nice clothes too. Everything is so boxy and made of gross poly-rayon-acrylic blends (note: probably not an actual possible blend of fabrics). Everything halfway nice is expensive too. I loved ASOS Curve when I first discovered it, but it’s pretty hit-and-miss (and is featured a lot on that site), plus the cute dresses are too short for me this season so I’m a bit bitter. :P

I found an amazing Etsy store with gorgeous plus-sized clothing, and almost dropped $150 on a skirt before talking myself out of it. It’s just too much, plus I’d never be able to narrow it down to one skirt because they were all so beautiful. :P I’ve convinced myself I’ll try and find a similar pattern and make a copy for myself once I’m a bit more competent at sewing. I’ve heard the criticism that sewing clothes for yourself can be more expensive than just buying from stores, but that definitely isn’t the case when it comes to plus-sized clothes.

In case anyone is interested/flush with cash, the store is – I LOVE the high-waisted skirts.

Has anyone read “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson? I read Lainey’s bit about loving it so I tried to order it online from the library and was 365th in line, which is a new record. Those two things plus the reviews I skimmed on Good Reads led me to think this might be a book to splurge on. Books are crazy expensive here and I paid $36.99 for the PAPERBACK. Ugh.

Anyway, I am about 60 pages in, the premise interests the hell out of me, the writing is great and I desperately want to get lost in it. However, I have two major papers due in the next ten days and it is making me bitter.

Tangentially related, did anyone else hear that Amazon bought Good Reads? I wonder if it will change at all. I don’t use Good Reads ever to connect to booksellers, just to track what I have read so I’m not sure I’ll even notice a difference.–2013/26306

That book sounds fascinating, but I also have work to do so I won’t let myself buy it until all my study’s done. You have incredible willpower, stopping after 60 pages! Also: $37 for a paperback?!

I’d heard about Amazon buying Goodreads, not in too much depth though. I looked up a few articles and all the comments were pretty much saying “Welp, that’s it for me, going to find a new site to use” – nothing’s even happened yet! The articles suggested that Amazon may use Goodreads’ data and recommendations (algorithm? software?) on their site, stuff like that. Doesn’t seem too terrible. Hopefully it’ll be ok!

Yes – I’m intrigued by it. I think it’s Amazon trying to head off a possible rival and monopolise online book reviews (and therefore sales) but on a selfish level I look forward to being able to integrate my Amazon wishlists and my ‘to-read’ on Goodreads… but I haven’t seen much detail on how it will actually work, if Goodreads will keep its own data and branding, etc.

I’m not exactly plus-size, but I’m rather short (only 4’11”) and I’m not a freaking beanpole. Ergo, the size 6 or 8 pants I need usually are so long that I have to hem them, or buy pants that are meant as capris and use them as regular jeans for myself. I don’t face this problem at work – the seamstresses usually do well in keeping even 26″ length pants like I require in stock – but I end up keeping personal pants until they fall off because I hate the frustration in going and buying new ones. Apparently, you must be this thin to be this short. -____-‘

I would be ok with that, although part of me is rather tired of the ‘no really, this is the last time we will see Rose. Really. For real”. I love her, esp her with Ten, but the impact of the ending in ‘Doomsday’ has been so diluted by all her reappearances.
Still, I can.not.wait.

YES. I hate *having* to shop online to find anything that’s remotely cute, and having to try things on at home (and send them back if they don’t fit, and play back-and-forth a few times). I hate that the alternative to the hit-or-miss of online shopping is finding stores that actually have larger sizes, and dealing with either tear-inducing price tags or having to hunt through the entire store to find one outfit OR pretending that the assumption that fatties only wear sweats and pajamas and shapeless tent-dresses doesn’t bother me. Also, that fatties are amorphous blobs with no interest in or need to be sexy (and, no, sequins/rhinestones/glitter/overly busy prints don’t count as sexy). I may be fat, but I have an amazing ass and sexy legs, and my boobs don’t need to be sparkly. Also, I hate polyester.
This is why I live in jeans when I can find a pair that fits properly, in a brand with consistent sizes (seriously, I bought two pair of the SAME EXACT style and size a few years ago…and one size fits, and the other is about a size too big) and unisex t-shirts unless I have to look like an adult. Then I hunt for solid-color tops and dresses.

In other news, I am feeling better mentally (I still have the sad/depressed feelings, but they’re not as overwhelming) and no big side effects from the zoloft so far, though I’m still on half-doses through Sunday. I don’t know how much of it has to do with the meds (and how much with just knowing that I’m getting help), but I’ve actually been sleeping AND eating this week. And not too much of either.
I still have no money but I can’t really do anything about that without a trip to social services, which is my plan for Monday. Hopefully they can at least give me something to give my apartment’s management company that says “once we have x paperwork, rent for April will be paid”. Also, I’m pretty sure I qualify for SNAP/food stamps/whatever they’re calling it right now. So, yay, hopefully groceries.

Pants are always hard for me to find; I hate anything low-rise and those are much more common than pants that sit closer to the waist, especially since I’m very long-waisted. Plus I have a low-slung ass and birthin’ hips and a belly, so finding anything that fits all three comfortably takes a damn miracle. I also can’t wear button-downs without the boobs popping out.

Also, shoes. I have wide feet and abnormally high arches, so it’s really hard to find shoes that fit properly and support my foot. I’ve basically been buying the exact same Ryka sneakers for the last few years. (Though it was really fucking stupid of me to decide to break in my new pair today when I had to be on my feet all afternoon. I took those fuckers off the second I got in the car.) I am very jealous of people who can buy shoes and clothing online; I can’t because it’s always a crapshoot to find things that work for me.

In other news, the kiddo turned 4 today! We took her to the children’s museum in Paramus, which was chaotic but she had a blast. She wanted to be a knight in shining armor! We even convinced her to eat a couple bites of birthday cake! Weirdo is picky as hell and just wanted popcorn for dessert, but she had a couple bites off her grandma’s slice and liked it enough that we cut her a sliver. She was alternating bites with me until she sneezed on the damn slice, and which point we both decided we were done (until she went to bed and I cut myself a big slice once I was actually hungry).

I feel your pain on the button downs. This rack does not want to be contained by buttons.

And I’ve basically given up on pants altogether. I have the lovely flat butt-big belly-hefty thighs combination going on. And I like them lower than my navel but high enough that my tummy doesn’t pop out over the top. I’m a demanding pants client.

I’ve sewn button downs shut to keep the girls in. Button down shirts are teh devil. And I sympathize on pants, as well. I also have a long waist, big hips and an ass to be reckoned with, and I can find one brand/style of jeans that I can afford that actually (sort-of) fits. The waistband on most pants I buy gaps open several inches around the waist. My underpants are not cute enough for this kind of waistband.

Yeah, what happened to both plus size and maternity being easily found in Old Navy? Very weird/annoying how they disappeared.

My clothing size is pretty easily found, but what I find ridiculous is how it suddenly will change, even within the same brand. I had these perfect perfect jeans that I literally wore out in several places, and I went to buy them again (probably 2 years later) because this isn’t the 90s and holes all over the place just isn’t cool maaan, and the supposedly “same” size and style from that brand was too small. And the next size up, too big. WTF.

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