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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread for 03/07/13

Greetings, Persephoneers! It’s Thursday night, and y’all know what that means – time for some booty shakin’!

I don’t know if this is a night time dancing song, but I definitely turn it all the way up and dance around the house when this comes on:


Tell me about your day in the comments.

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I had a long comment ready to post and my phone ate it right when I was going to submit it. So long story short: I have a Nice Guy â„¢ being belligerent on my Facebook page concerning the topic of chivalry vs. courtesy. (I am glad chivalry is dead, but I promote courtesy.)

Nice Guy ™ continued to plague me until this morning when I decided to remove him from my friends list on FB so he can spread his poison elsewhere. I’m on vacation–leave me alone, ya douche! :P

On another note, vacation is otherwise fantastic. :)

Let’s say hypothetically one made crescent rolls and ate them immediately after they where out of the oven and didn’t realize till midway through the third one that the inside wan’t what one would call cooked,like at all, should one expect a stomachache in the future? I’m asking for a friend…

Yeee! I just watched last night’s Daily Show with an extra long interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. There was so much science. It was lovely.

Otherwise I have spent most of my day (and week) mired in data analysis, visualization, and manuscript writing (as in pre-sci journal article kind of manuscript). Ugh. This is the part of science that I dislike. I am soooo sloooow at writing up my research and it drives my PI crazy, and then I feel like I’m not doing my job well which makes me write even slower because I start over analyzing every word and phrase and sentence because I don’t want to disappoint him and I keep thinking if I’m taking this long then the manuscript should be nearly perfect, and then I get even more crazy in my head and…. And sometimes I wish my thoughts would just organize themselves and spit themselves out already.

No dance party for me. Only writing. (although my kitty is certainly trying to help…. with his pointy, pointy claws…)

I love dance parties! But I’m being a good kid and studying for my exams tomorrow. I shall dance tomorrow night with a large glass of wine while I annoy my parents with my vivaciousness after their super long week of crazy, while they would rather be playing computer card games and spacing out to random television shows. In other words, there will be much obnoxious rejoicing that my parents will secretly love while rolling their eyes and feigning annoyance. *happy sigh* I can’t wait. Aaaand back to studying.

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