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We Try It: is a new service that delivers healthy snacks to your workplace or home weekly for $5 a week. I decided to give it a shot.

Currently, graze is by invitation code only, so when a friend of mine offered up a code, I jumped right on it. When I signed up, there was a special that your first and fifth snack delivery would be free. I like free, so that was kind of an easy decision.

So, graze works like this:

  • Get an invitation code
  • Create an account
  • Decide where you want your box shipped (I had mine sent to my work)
  • Browse through their offerings and mark off what you definitely don’t want to try (good if you have an allergy or dietary restriction)
  • Wait for your first box to show up

The snacks and delivery fee are $5 total, charged weekly. You have the option of skipping a week’s delivery if you want to, which is good if, for example, you’re going on vacation and you just know that the vultures at your office would snatch up your delicious treats without a second thought.

The Unboxing:

My first snack box showed up at work about two weeks after I signed up for the service. I had received an email from the company saying that, due to a high number of orders, some orders would be slightly delayed. No big.

Your snack box is conveniently sized to fit in most standard mailboxes, which is good, because oddly-sized things seem to take twice as long to reach my desk.

Picture of a snack box with an iphone for scale (the phone is about one sixth the size of the box)
My unopened snack box, shown next to my beat-up iPhone 4 for scale.

Your box contains four snack selections (generated from what you indicated on the website that you’d like to try). Each snack section is, oddly, about the exact size of an iPhone 4.

Picture of opened snack box with an iphone covering one snack item
The iPhone 4: the new standard unit of measurement for lazy bloggers.
Picture of opened snack box with all four snacks visible
There are actually four snacks in there.

The four snacks I received were:

  • Garden of England (mini-strawberries, blackcurrants, and apple)
  • Chocolate orange granola
  • Fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers
  • Very nori-sh (Japanese rice crackers with nori seaweed)
Close-up picture of snack box items as described above

The box comes with a nutritional information sheet (mine also had tear-off coupons with invitation codes):

Picture of nutritional facts information
I didn’t really look at the nutritional facts. I mostly care if things are tasty.

All of my snacks were tasty and fresh. I didn’t feel like anything was stale or had been sitting around. The flavor balances in the various mixes were really good, and although the serving sizes are small, I felt like I had enough to satisfy my snack craving.

Once you’ve received your box, you can go to the website and rate the snacks that you received. You can “like,” “love,” or “trash” a snack, depending on how you enjoyed it.

Overall, I think that $5 is an absolutely reasonable price to pay for this service, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes in my future boxes.

[All images my own. I pay for my subscription with my own money and have received nothing in exchange for this review.]

By [E] Rachel

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This sounds genius. I would totally take advantage of something like graze if it were available in Canada and wasn’t too pricey. It’s so easy to resort to junky snacks when out and about (though I do always carry dried fruit and either nuts or pumpkin seeds in my bag these days to nosh on).

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