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We are getting closer to the finals! Well, for Psycho-Pass and Shin Sekai Yori, anyway. Chihayafuru will continue in the spring season. I already checked out the spring shows though, and there doesn’t seem to be anything special aside from one or two of them. Anyway, for an almost-last episode, Psycho-Pass was full of tension, but Shin Sekai Yori felt a bit too long, with too much talking for my taste.

Psycho-Pass ep 21

Akane, Gino, Daddy and Yaoi made it to the facility, just like Kougami, so I guess the party can start now.

Akane put herself in a little competition with Kougami: get to Makishima first. I don’t think that will end well. She also cornered Sybil into having her gun safety off and her paralyzer always on. In other words, she can shoot anyone and never kill them. Crafty girl.

Yaoi and Akane bond, but it’s not exactly the right time for it. Seems like all the Enforcers detect that Akane isn’t “normal” right now. And she made a mistake that ended up costing the Old Man’s life and Gino lost his left arm as well (he’s probably fit for the Enforcers now).

Shin Sekai Yori ep 24

Saki was reunited with Satoru and Kiroumaru. Satoru took the Psychobuster because Saki might trip on it. Although, in the end it did nothing, because Saki was afraid Satoru inhaled some of it so she burned all the flying dust. This also means she destroyed the only chance of killing the “not-fiend.”

Saki also has an “Obi-wan” Shun in her head, a bit scary. Kiroumaru covered himself in guano too. Eurks! There is apparently a single episode left and they are still running around in Tokyo. I think they lost precious time in this episode. Too much talking, not enough resolving.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 10

Yamaguchi Mioka, school for nerds! That is the second round school our little team faced and they are all quiz fans; three of them won a national quiz championship. Having done those while in high school I can say they are total brains. They have the highest number of students accepted in Tokyo universities. That tells you how good these dude are at memorizing stuff. Kana-chan has it best: Desktomu-kin x 5.

The funniest part is that Taichi knows all that stuff. He watches quiz championship! Hahahaha. He also wonders why they are matched with all sort of strange people. Chihaya is in total shock by her opponent card placement: it’s totally random. She’s not good at memorizing.

The committee members don’t know what to do with Arata and his substitution. They don’t seem to be fans of punishing him though. He’s a big attraction. I’m not surprised by the results or Shinobu’s actions either.

Poor Chihaya, her opponent moved all the cards on his side. She can’t remember crap. Basically, she’s playing against someone with less speed, less hearing and less karuta sense than her, but she can’t do anything because she doesn’t know where the cards are. She’s also in shock and isn’t concentrating that much. The worst opponent for her is one who plays offensive karuta.

One of the nerds just explained something and I totally understand something now. Hehe. Chihaya has “super-hearing,” but in reality it’s just a sense that make you complete the sentence. We used this all the time in quiz competition, you end up knowing the questions by heart at some point. So you can answer before the questioner is done talking. Never thought of that before this episode.

Surime-chan’s notes are all about appearances, clothing, bag, cellphones, sock colors. Desktomu was super happy about it. Now I know that they will encounter the girls’ school again. The episode ended with Porkykun saying that they should keep the same team setup for the next phase. Weird place to end.

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