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Psycho-Pass and Shin Sekai Yori have come to an end. The last episode of each show was quite nice and wrapped up the story nicely. They also didn’t bring any changes, but did leave it at, “Let’s hope for changes.” These two shows had a lot of things in common in the end. Chihayafuru is entering the middle of its second season. This episode was a bit slow, but the next one should be awesome.

Psycho-Pass ep 22

Let’s split this episode in two, shall we?

The first part was Kougami and Akane teaming up to take down Makishima. Akane ended up the most badass of the three, despite failing to stop Kougami from becoming a murderer. The “patched gun” didn’t serve any purpose either. It wasn’t used at all. That part of the episode was also quite artistic at the direction level. I loved it. It was also interesting to see that some of what Makishima was saying, about being no one in society, is valid for the one we are living in right now (and maybe a bit scary).

The second part of the episode screams, “Sequel incoming.” Basically, the characters moved around: Ginoza is the new Kougami and he removed his glasses, Akane is the new Ginoza, and Kougami is the new Makishima. We get a new Akane too, a minor at that and a character who showed up in the high school episodes.

The biggest event in the episode was Akane’s little talk with Sibyl after failing to apprehend Makishima. Sibyl is keeping Akane alive because she is anti-Sibyl but her psycho-pass doesn’t show it. Basically, Akane is a lab rat for Sibyl to achieve total domination of society while showing their true self. Let’s say that all those brains ended up sounding very megalomaniac at the end.

I have no idea if a sequel is really in the works, but I want one!

Shin Sekai Yori ep 25

Another artistic ending and probably the best quality animation of the entire series.

We finally get Saki’s plan. She theorizes that the Fiend, which is now a she(?), isn’t a fiend, but a human who believes that she’s a monster rat. The end result is that Kiroumaru has to get himself killed so death feedback enters into motion and kills her. The plan works, Saki and Satoru capture Squealer and bring him back to the villages.

The rest of the episode is a suite of little time jumps. First we got Squealer’s tribunal, where he says that monster rats are humans. He got sentenced to Eternal Hell (eternal pain). Saki isn’t happy with the results. Both she and Satoru have also been conducting research on the rats’ origins and the conclusion is that monster rats are descendants of humans without Cantus. Basically, humans with Cantus are assholes.

We get to see a bit of Saki and Satoru’s wedding and them waiting or their first child. That was cute and so were the “cats.”

Chihayafuru S2 ep 11

We pick up right where we left, with Nishida saying that Desktomu shouldn’t be a starter. It all ended up a ploy to see if Desktomu still had the “fire.” He sort of vented as well and ended up eating lots of curry.

They ended up going with the same line and a really tired first year. Not sure of the reason, but Chihaya is the one who came up with the order. Watching others play is a lot more tiring than playing yourself, so Desktomu is more tired than anyone else. He even fell asleep.

So off we go to the playoff. Nishida is already in a meltdown. Really, that team needs more psychologists or something. They get impressed by everything and nothing. It’s like they never participated in a competition before. They won though, because Desktomu is that good with taking notes. As predicted, they are facing off with the girls’ school in the semi-final. Chihaya asked to be put against a B class player as opposed to facing off with Megumu (best female player in western Japan). The match up ended up exactly as planned, so Chihaya will face off with Megumu. The next episode is going to be so good.

Note: Empress’s Jacket of Love is so cool. She’s such a mom to the kid.

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