Weekly Anime Update

Psycho-Pass and Shin Sekai Yori are both walking toward their conclusions by ramping up the intensity. Chihayafuru starts the National competition storyline. The first match was fun and I hope they win many more. We have about one month left before the Spring anime season starts, which mean I will have to find new things to watch soon.

Psycho-Pass, Episode 19

The opening is getting more colourful and I’m pretty sure some sections have changed. The ending had lots of Akane mood concept art, too, which I don’t remember seeing. Are these hints?

Besides this, the entire episode was all talk. Gino hue is starting to enter scary territory and he’s getting all moody. It looks like the Chief (and Sybil) decided to dump him, too. The episode ended with Akane getting a visit by the portable Dominator robots and being told, by the gun, that she was going to learn all the truth. Her hue hasn’t moved much either (it’s still pale turquoise). I suspect this is why Sybil is interested in her.

The other main thread of the episode was Kougami going to see the psychologist from one of the first episodes to try to find Makishima or at least guess his next plan of action. They got a lead: he’s going to attack the super-oat agriculture plantation that composes 99% of all of Japan’s food supplies in order to force the country to re-open the borders. Just nasty. The psychologist also compared Makishima to a little kid being shunned by the group. So true.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 22

Kiroumaru is alive and held at the Temple of purity. Yeah! I like him.

Saki’s mother is sort of awesome despite being probably worm food by now. She left a letter to Saki explaining that there is one weapon of mass destruction left in their world. The weapon was especially created to fight Cantus users (it was created by non-Cantus users): the Psychobuster.

The small issue with it is that the weapon is at a specific address that doesn’t exist anymore. Their only help is an inactive holographic library. They have to go to Tokyo: the cursed land. I’m surprised they still know where Tokyo used to be. Or that a computer could match topographic data from 1000 years ago.

Kiroumaru has lots of interesting things to say. Looks like the queerats are aware humans can’t attack each other. Talk about being found with your pants down. Looks like Kiroumaru is joining them in Tokyo via submarine. Well, a sort of submarine. Tokyo is a cursed land because it’s a desert that looks normal in daylight and frozen over at night. It’s also full of monsters, such as bats. You know bats mean, right? They mean that the ground is covered with guano. A couple of inches of it. Saki didn’t like it. After that, they encountered big, bloodsucking slugs. Kiroumaru said it was only the beginning.

The Psychobuster is made of a Bacillus anthracis (aka anthrax). I’m pretty sure that it is mortal to all living creatures, not just psychics. This also means it was created to kill all living things without damaging the environment. Talk about desperate measures.

Chihayafuru, Season 2, Episode 8

Surime and Tsukuba are so going to end up together. Tsukuba is taking pictures of everything in the National competition building, including the pretty girls. Porkykun sister made them new shirts that say: Second Place winners. They decided to wear their normal t-shirts from last year.

Tsukuba is going to be a starter because Komano is going to scout the other teams. He was always better at strategy anyway, so it’s an opportunity for him. Surime is going to help him scout out too.

Their first opponent is a school made up of second generation immigrants. The team reaction was super funny. In Japan, immigrants are laughed at quite a bit. Doesn’t matter if you were born in the country, it’s a stigma. Everyone besides Chihaya is shocked. Chihaya is crying with joy. Turns out they acted up the immigrant part quite a bit to gain an advantage. Kana-chan is all destabilized because her opponent is wearing her kimono backward. They didn’t have much of an issue beating the team though, but still it was awesome.

The episode ended with Arata showing up because he lied in the last episode. He also didn’t show up all along. Shinobu is also there. Now I want to know their history.

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