Your Questions, Redux: Sex On The Micro-Side

Greetings, my lovelies! This week, we are again highlighting the questions and queries that lay in my box of sexual pondering, allowing for shorter, more easy-to-answer questions that don’t always make it to the cut, on account of I can’t always wax poetic about the topic at large for more than a paragraph.

Sexual sound bites, if you will.

Q. Some men get highly turned on by female squirting and your insightful blogsite  was passd on to me.  The question:  What is this liquid (composite) that is squirted? Urine mixed with ejaculation because female ejaculation is a very small amount compared to male’s?

A. Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid through from the paraurethral ducts and through the urethra. While the exact nature of this fluid continues to be of some debate, there is a difference, other than descriptive linguistics, between “ejaculation” and “squirting / gushing,” though both are used to describe one another, and often cross over into the same territory. “Ejaculation” refers to a thicker, whitish fluid that is released from the female prostate (aka, Skene’s Gland) and is a compound of glucose and fructose. The actual composition of what is released is very similar to the ejaculate that men release and contains uteroglobin, PDE5, as well as ureacreatinineprostatic acid phosphatase(PAP), and prostate specific antigen (PSA). All of that is very fancy lingo for ejaculate sans sperm.

Squirting or gushing is fluid released also by the Skene’s gland, though gushing is thought to be more so connected with the “sweating” of the vaginal walls (so lots of vaginal mucus secreting from arousal very quickly). It is said that squirting, while similar to ejaculation, has more diluted fluid from the bladder, but is not considered urine, which is why it is often a clearer liquid that can make folks feel like they just peed themselves. The more you know.

Q. Recently I was masturbating and I am able to get a clitoral orgasm no problem but after I orgasmed I went back for “round two” if you will and I ended up “squirting” but I’m not sure if it was actually me squirting or rather peeing. Since then it’s happened every time. I don’t know if I like it, to be honest I wish it never happened. Do you think that it is actually squirting? I have done research and it isn’t completely clear but its not like super yellow like normal urine but it does have a hint of urine smell (it smells like a sweeter urine kind of). I don’t know what to do.

A. Sounds like squirting ! Again, squirting is a mixture of the ejaculatory fluid from the Skene’s Gland (see above), as well as trace amounts of fluid from the bladder. Also, when you “squirt,” you are putting pressure on the urethra, where ejaculate and squirting comes from, giving you that peeing feeling. Not too long ago, a study referred to as the “The role of the Grafenberg Spot and female gushing in the female orgasmic response: an empirical analysis” (charming name), published in J Sex Marital Ther 15  (Davidson JK, Darling CA, Conway-Welch, C -Summer 1989) reported that when ladies ejaculate or squirt, there was no evidence of any urological problems. It basically suggested that female ejaculation and coital incontinence are two distinct physiologically events, although there similarity is not always distinguishable in a particular individual’s mind, depending on experience with squirting and ejaculation.  So basically, if you haven’t been squirting for long, it can be confusing at first on what it is you are actually doing. Don’t worry – it isn’t pee and that sweet smell is probably the levels of glucose and fructose.

Q. Which of the holes do you squirt through?

A. You squirt through the urethra, the same place you pee from, which is why there can be some confusion for newbie squirters on whether they are squirting or peeing. Given that the liquid that comes from squirting has liquid from your bladder in it, can feed into that notion! However, when you squirt, what you are doing is draining liquid from your Skene’s gland (aka lesser vestibular glands, periurethral glands, skene glands, paraurethral glands, female prostate). The Skene’s gland is located near the anterior wall of your vagina, and during arousal or climax, drain into the urethra, causing “squirt.” Apparently the Skene’s gland, like all aspects of being a woman, is highly debatable and are variable from woman to woman, which explains why some women can squirt like it is going out of style, and some women are unable to squirt all together.

Q. I am a man and want to know if it is possible for males to “squirt” like women.  I am concerned because when I am really excited I can have my ejaculation but when I continued to be stimulated I get an even better feeling and I squirt… or pee?  My first wife freaked out about it the first time it happened – so I thought something was wrong with me.  My new wife is OK with it but we mostly end up only going that far in the shower.  But the question still lingers… What’s going on down there?

A. Dude, you can ejaculate, which is awesome and maybe you don’t need to have absolutely everything that women do. But that continued stimulation sensation you are feeling? It’s more than likely additional irregular contractions, caused post orgasm. See, when you orgasm, semen containing sperm is ejected through the urethra through contractions. The contractions you are experiencing are  generated by the bulbospongiosus muscle, which is actually part of your  spinal reflex and pudendal nerve. Once that first contraction takes place, it’s basically no stopping from there. During the first few contractions, men expel about 40% of their ejaculate, the next few contractions spurting a wee bit more, and then less. But since dudes insist on having everything of ladies, here is a how to guide on male squirting.

Q. Is it easier to squirt once you’ve done it? 

A. Practice makes perfect!


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