Awesome Tumblrs You Need To Be Following

I have been tumblr-ing (heh) down the rabbit hole to bring you some cool tumblrs you may not be following yet.

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of a kajillion tumblr pages, pages that have the ability to brighten your life or make you want to shove a shank through the owner’s larynx. In an effort to help all P-Mag peeps steer clear of criminal charges, here are a few that I think make the Internet a better place.

National Geographic Found

black and white photo of a young woman sitting on a car holding three baby mountain lion kittens

NatGeo has this new page that is full of mostly unpublished and many never before seen photos from their archives. Trying to pick just one was torturous, but since I am me, I of course went with the one with kittens.

Mad Men Illustrated

cartoon drawings of Joan from Mad Men paper dolls, included dresses and seperates
All artwork by Dyna Moe

I don’t watch Mad Men (I know, I know, it is amazing and the most wonderful show ever and I should be, but I’m not. Maybe someday), but this tumblr is awesome even if you don’t watch the show. Dyna Moe has some mad Mad Men drawing skills, and I really want to make some Joan Paper dolls this weekend.

Daily Odd Compliment

black text on blue background that reads "I really think you could be a runway model for sweatpants"

These show up on Pinterest quite a bit, but the site as a whole is pretty adorable. It is awkward and kind of geeky and off-kilter, kind of like most of us. And let’s be honest, I could totally stomp my ass down a runway in my sweats. STOMP, I tell you.

black text on pink background that reads "I think if you were a gorilla, you would be one of those gorillas that know sign language. But you wouldn't be all flashy about it. I mean, nobody would say, "There goes that gorilla signing 'cactus" again." You know?"

I know exactly what you mean, Daily Odd Complimenter.

City of Baghdad

photo of sulaymaniyah outdoor market/restaraunt with yong men sitting and walking by
Photo courtesy of Erin Wilson Photography

As an American, I have a number of preconceived ideas about Iraq. Honestly, I don’t know as much as I should about it aside from what I have seen and heard on the news growing up. When your formative years are spent seeing images of bombs exploding through night-visions lenses and photos of people toppling a statue of Saddam Hussien, it can give one some misconceptions about the reality of a place. That is one of the many reasons I find this tumblr intriguing. It is just a quiet, simple picture of a city many of us are unfamiliar with, and I appreciate the education.

A few years ago, This American Life had a television show for a few seasons. They had a great piece on one of the episodes called “Ask an Iraqi” which is really worth watching. A young Iraqi man went to various parts of the country and put up a little booth and answered people’s questions about his home, his thoughts on the war, and his thoughts on America. You can see it on YouTube here.

Surviving in Numbers – Trigger warning for discussion of sexual assaults

Handwritten sign that reads "595: days since the night. 500:  # of times I've rehashed that night. 500: # of times I've asked myself if it was assault. 500: # of times I've convinced myself it wasn't. 70: # of days I stayed with him after that night. 0: # of times I've enjoyed sex since. 0: # of men I've trusted since then

This is a new tumblr created by Ali Safran, to “raise awareness of how prevalent sexual assault is on campus and how many survivors there are on ANY campus. I also hope to show how key it is to the healing process for a survivor when they tell their stories: if they’re supported and believed, it starts them down a supportive path to healing; if they are admonished or blamed, it has terrible effects.” She will be displaying the posters at various colleges throughout April for Sexual Assault Awareness month, and the tumblr acts as the “online showcase” for people who aren’t in the area.

There are a number of very powerful and moving tumblrs dedicated to sexual assault survivors, but the use of numbers in Ali’s project really jarred me. We’ve all heard the horror stories about sexual assault victims being treated like shit by law enforcement, their friends and families, and society as a whole, but something about breaking it down to these individuals hard numbers was powerful.

Dog Shame

Photo of a black furry dog and a yellow dog wearing a cone lying on a dog bed wearing a sign that says "it's all fun and games until someone is wearing a cone"

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly new, but still, they crack me up every time.  Plus, I wanted to end on a silly note. Hope you all have fun exploring new Internet terrain! If you have a favorite tumblr, please post it in the comments!

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Try Garfield Minus Garfield. Seriously, without the cat it becomes a darkly funny expression of loneliness. It’s so good.

I’d also recommend Emmy Cicierega’s tumblr (emmyc). She’s a wonderful artist who just released a small wordless comic book on lulu. It’s like a pixar movie in three minutes. Her tumblr bursts with energy and personality. A real pick me up.

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