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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: A Healthy Distraction

Ladyblogland was a welcome retreat from the madness of last week’s news.

Dr. Ellie Sattler made me (and everyone else) want to be a paleontologist. Bitch Magazine

What’s with all the makeovers in YA Fantasy? XXfactor

Although not strictly from a ladyblog, we loved this profile of Kristen Scott Thomas. AV Club

A great reflection on Aamira Fetuga and some seriously punitive laws going down in Tennessee. Racialicious

Feminist blogger calls out men’s rights activists. Receives death threats for the trouble. The world is a terrible place. Daily Dot

Leading men age, but their leading ladies don’t (and it’s kind of weird). Vulture

I’m so glad The Hairpin has the same obsession with Sky Mall as I do. The Hairpin

I think the best thing I read this week is Rookie Mag’s rundown of some ancient PSA films. Glorious. Rookie Mag

Ask Amy (Poehler, of course) has some great advice on spreading more positive messages across the Internet:

What did you read this week? Share your finds in the comments.

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The leading men and leading ladies article reminds me of something that I’m going to paraphrase horribly, but it was Emma Thompson talking about Sense and Sensibility where her character was in love with Hugh Grant’s character (names, goodness knows, I can’t remember the names) and a focus group of sorts thought that Emma was “too old” for Hugh, despite them being the same age. Ah, what a ramble!

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