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Dispatches from Ladyblogland are Back from Vacay

Thanks to the lovely Sara Habein for helping me while I trotted the globe for two weeks. Let’s see what’s up, shall we?

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Give me your dispatches!

I found this via RookieMag: a few gals are trying to live their life as Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue tell them to, and the commentary is awesome. 17 Teen Vogue Challenge

Flavia Dzoden wrote a response to the Vanessa Valenti and Courtney Martin report on the future of online feminism. Red Light Politics

Fascinating look at women working in counterterrorism (hint: it’s not like the movies) Jezebel 

Do you really need to put a ring on it? Slate

This whole SWUG thing is”¦weird. So you’re a senior in college and tired of keggers? And that’s a trend? Sigh. Huffington Post

Oh, Justin Bieber. You need to have a filter installed. Racialicious

Oh, accidental racist. You are the worst. And not really an accident. Shakesville

Some perspective on Margaret Thatcher. N + 1

Kermit Gosnell is a terrible person. Even more terrible is that we have a system of healthcare that makes it difficult for women to find other places to go where they won’t be harmed. Hello Giggles 

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The Gosnell trial is happening in Philly, so I’ve been glued to the news on this since the story first surfaced. Its so ugly on so many levels, yet so much of the story is just focused on the idea that this guy provided ‘abortions’. Except that’s not what he did, he wasn’t a licensed ob-gyn, and he prey on the poor and the helpless and immigrants.

Oh, the Kermit Gosnell case is horrible. But really, some of it is the result of the antichoice campaign and its craziness; it seems like governments have to tread very carefully to ensure that women–particularly poor women–have access to reproductive health care that’s safe. Yes, there needs to be regulation and adequate funding, but antichoice politics make it difficult. They either will cut budgets funding these providers or try to pass such stringent, ludicrous regulations that it’s a fight to even keep these places open. It’s very difficult to find that middle ground when this is going on, and it’s certainly a reason why Gosnell was allowed to practice in such conditions for so long.

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