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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Dance Like You Mean It

This week had a strong mix of analysis, fun and dancing.

American Girls have gotten bland, shirking strong political morals about poverty and manifest destiny in favor of precious topics, like art supplies in schools. The Atlantic

A powerful statement about why sex scenes in YA novels are pretty damn important. Vaginal Fantasy (URL is NSFW, content is okay)

You need this in your life: Kim Gordon’s rap playlist for traumatized times. Listen to it during your workout, a bad day, whatever. You’ll feel better (and cooler, because, you know, Kim Gordon). Refinery 29

What are your favorite coming-of-age books? Mine is A Room with a View. RookieMag

Trolls? They’re really bigots and calling them trolls ignores problematic behavior. Preach it! XXfactor

Saudi Arabia debuted their first ever ad campaign to combat domestic violence. Copyranter

Why won’t The New York Times drop  the i-word from their immigration coverage? Racialicious

Amazing breakdown of the issues surrounding race, gender, and sports. Gradient Lair

Here’s a video of Tilda Swinton dancing in celebration of Roger Ebert’s life in lieu of giving a speech.




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