Feelin’ Fruity: Fruit on Your Patio

At this point your patio is probably straining under the weight of the greens, potatoes and other garden delights you’ve foisted out into the sunshine; but what will you do for dessert?

Two words: container fruit.

You heard me right, you can grow a variety of fruits (trees and bushes) in simple containers. If you want to grow a fruit tree, consider getting a dwarf so the repotting and transport won’t need a crane. Also look for self-pollinating varieties if you only plan on having one. For a container orchard all you need is the following:

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  • Full sun
  • Drainage
  • Sufficient watering
  • Sufficient nutrients (in the form of compost or fertilizer)
  • Sufficient space (the roots need to be able to expand and will need to be repotted annually or so in larger containers to allow for root expansion)


If you can provide all those you can enjoy tasty tasty fruit grown on your lanai.


Just don’t let Blanche catch you

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