Getting That Perfect Playlist

Probably just like you, I need to have a certain ambiance when I’m writing. I need to sit in a certain place, have my tea and my munchies at the ready, keep my notes on hand, and of course, have that perfect playlist on. A playlist is a big necessity, because it sets the mood of the story and helps me get into the mindset for whatever project I’m working on. I always have multiple playlists because I always have one or two side projects in case I get stuck on the main one I’m working on.

medieval painting of writer Christine de Pisan presenting a book to the Queen
Medieval writer Christine de Pisan presenting her finished work to Isabeau de Baviere, queen of France. Image via Wikipedia.

Pandora is an excellent place to get started at. Is there a certain type of music that describes your project, or a certain artist or song beat that sets the scene? You can easily get started with Pandora.

With and Spotify, you can make playlists that go with whatever it is you’re working on. Spotify is one of my favorites because it will upload from your iTunes playlist and go from there. Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Florence + the Machine, Keane, Snow Patrol, and A Fine Frenzy for one particular project that I’m starting because I’m stalled on my main one.

So are there any particular songs you could recommend, or any that are your favorites for whatever it is you’re writing? Please share!

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Not necessarily for writing, but whenever I find myself really tired or really procrastinating, I turn on “I’ll make a Man Out of You” from Mulan. It always seems to get my butt in gear, especially the budge. “I’m never gonna catch my breath–” “Say goodbye to those who knew me–” “Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym!” Just every time.

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