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Lunchtime Poll 3/8/2013: Spring Cleaning

This weekend I started spring cleaning. I tackled closets, washed snow pants and wiped down blinds (ew). What are some of your favorite (and least favorite) cleaning tasks?

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My dad got a hot tub a number of years ago, and my mom uses it to clean her blinds. Shhhhhh, don’t tell, he would be SO pissed, but it is the easiest way to clean them! Bathtubs are too small for many blinds, and trying to wipe them down is icky and you always end up with dust stuck in little corners around the strings. Sneaky trick for those who have access to one.

I hate matching up socks. I love cleaning really dirty floors on my hands and knees with a scrubber so I can watch it go from nasty to sparkling.

I unfucked a couple corners of the apartment a couple weeks ago when I was on spring break. I haven’t had the spoons to do much more than that, though. Depression and anxiety came back to punch me in the face.

Now that everything is starting to blossom and sprout, though, I think I’ll start feeling a little better soon.

I desperately need to clean out my plant beds. All the new growth is coming in, but there’s all dead leaves and stuff in the way. Now’s about when I get the vacuum cleaner extension and suck up all the cobwebs and dust bunnies in the up-high places, too.

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