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Lunchtime Poll 4/22/2013: DIY

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s assume this week will be filled with more sunshine than last, shall we? Today we’re talking about DIY projects. On Saturday, my daughter is having a party and needs a cake. I was ready to order a sheet cake, and before I did, she told me that she’d like a tiered cake. Oh.

Upon calling the bakery, I learned that tiered cakes, regardless of the occasion have the going rate of $3 per slice. So. Guess what I did this weekend? I learned how to make a (rectangular) tiered cake. We’re devouring my test cake, and I’m confident that next weekend’s efforts will be sublime.

When have budgetary constraints inspired you to DIY? How were the results?



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I tend to DIY art that would otherwise cost a heap. A (relatively) recent example was using “Guess How Much I Love You” greetings cards, their envelopes, ribbon, and some cheap frames to make a set of three gorgeous framed pictures that would have cost a heap to buy ready made. I did another set of pictures using (photograph) greetings cards of beautiful gardens and again, with ribbon and the envelopes, made some gorgeous pictures.

Budgetary constraint DIY is what brought me to you guys!! Awwww, back in the good ol’ DIY Bride days. The poofs and flower girl outfits and accessories have actually led to a little side business, which is fun and keeps me busy.

I am super cheap, so I will pretty much forgo anything I think I can make myself. Baking-wise, though, I have no skills. Thank goodness for Nana. Good luck to you! Have a fabulous party!

I made Lexie’s Halloween costume last year. She wanted to be a fairly obscure character (Milli from Team Umizoomi) and the only versions I could find online were kind of expensive and ugly. The fabric and pattern worked out much cheaper, it was an easy pattern so it didn’t take too long to make, and it came out cute enough that she’s worn it on several other occasions!

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