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Lunchtime Poll: Law and Order

As I’m writing this, it’s Wednesday evening and I’m watching Law and Order:SVU for the 8millionth time. My mother, who is not as much of a fan as I am, wants to know where the pretty lady’s partner (Stabler) is, and says she doesn’t like any of the new faces much.

Law and Order SVU cast photo
Law and Order SVU cast photo courtesy of NBC/Universal.

Its sort of amazing to me to think about how long this series has been in my life. The original L&O premiered in 1990, which is a lot of reruns, spin offs, cast changes, and courtroom to have seen over the years. So I ask you – and don’t deny it, I know you watch it too – who’s your favorite L&O cast member?

I think I’m gonna settled on Jack McCoy, played by that rascal Sam Waterston for forever, though Olivia Benson comes in a strong second.

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