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Lunchtime Poll: Superpowers

We’re talking traditional or non-traditional, practical, fanciful, whatever. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I’d go with teleportation.

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Is invincible time travel a super power? Because I want to see the dinosaurs and watch the flooding of the Mediterranean and see how Stonehenge was built, but I want to do so from a protected bubble where I can’t interact or be in any danger.

Or flying; I’ve had dreams since I was a kid where I could fly and I’m always disappointed when I wake up and seem to have lost the knack.

I want so many different powers… I would dig being able to turn invisible (walk around nekkid!), or control the weather (I thought of this because sure, Storm is pretty cool, but I was just thinking I needed to water the garden and wouldn’t it be easier if we just had a short rain shower right now? Talk about lazy superhero powers.) or the ability to instantly heal like the Cheerleader from Heros. But really, I think I would only take superpowers if no one else knew about it…

I’m joining the teleportation crowd. That’s been my choice for forever, especially since my friends and loved ones started living farther and farther away. It just…I could travel and visit and whatever I wanted ALL THE TIME if I could teleport! It would be amazing.

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