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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.10, “The Art of Taking Control”

Final six! Three guys and three gals remain. The judges reorder the teams to make interesting combos! I really thought they would go guys versus gals, but maybe that was too predictable.

  • Stanley and Michelle
  • Patricia and Richard
  • Layana and Daniel

The challenge:

The HP Intel challenge in innovation. They are at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Each team must create a look of wearable over-the-top art, with a commercial partner look. The designers must create a textile design. HP gives an extra incentive for the winner: ten thousand dollars and the HP Envy x2. Money prizes make sense for individuals, but as teams?

The Designs:

Michelle and Stanley create an interesting museum piece. Their textile is olive green with yellow female faces all over. The idea was to be on the edge of crazy. Michelle made a trench coat with a hand-painted six-foot train. Stanley made a largely layered bubble wrap dress. They tried to paint the plastic black, which didn’t dry over night. The museum piece really had a sci-fi feel to it. The ready-to-wear look was a long baby-doll dress with pockets that floated down the runway.

Patricia and Richard made a triangle textile with reds, yellow and black. Patricia made the textile, Richard acted the lost artist the entire time. Patricia really tried to get Richard to focus or work but he just pouted, which drove me nuts. I am glad Tim called him out. Patricia painted the textile as well. Patricia put a veil on her model and wrapped her arms down. Richard did a patterned top with a white pleated skirt cinched at the bottom. Patricia is not pleased.

Daniel and Layana made a geometric pattern with squares and rectangles. Daniel had grand ideas for a runway museum piece, but Layana took charge. She then spent a lot of time worried that if they went down it would be all on her. Daniel tried to keep the team happy – remember happy face – and sincerely worried about Layana. But they pulled it out in the end. Layana made a hard to describe dress – after the judges input, now I know why I couldn’t describe it. The hat and the tulle and the dress all worked for me. Daniel made a gorgeous wrap jacket with a slight bubble skirt and a swirled pleat.

Facing the Judges:

Heidi starts off the judging by them all, “I was really impressed with the work. It was really really amazing.”

Michelle and Stanley: The judges loved the print and the dress was gorgeous. Nina points out that it is perfection. They language of the two garments and how they work very well together. Nina repeats that she LOVES the whole thing.

Richard and Patricia: The two garments don’t talk well together. Nina doesn’t appreciate the presentation of Patricia’s piece. But Heidi loved it and didn’t not like Richard’s. The Guest judge agreed.

Daniel and Layana: Heidi reveals that Daniel’s is her favorite. Nina admits that it is sleek and sexy. Rachel Roy points that his blazer is amazing with spot-on shoulders. Nina can see how Layana struggled, it was hodgepodge. They point out that the dress it too dated. The print is very modern and the dress it Eliza Doolittle/Scarlet O’Hara. The judges asked if Daniel could have helped point out it was outdated – um hello? This is Daniel, every other dress has been outdated for him.

The Results:

Stanley and Michelle are the winning team. Stanley is the winner. I think Stanley should share some of that money with Michelle for making such a great print. But that is not how it works.

Patricia and Richard are the losing team. Richard is out. Can I say, “it’s about time?” Or is that too insensitive?

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the loser and winner? Next week will answer our questions on how Project Runway will keep teams yet be individuals.


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Layana has been getting on my nerves lately. She seems to pull the tears out as soon as any criticism is sent her way. And the way she was saying Daniel should have said half of his outfit was due to her but got all pissy when Daniel pointed out why that was not the case,ugh. I’m just glad the judges aren’t oblivious to it as I think it was Nina who said something about how Layana seems to think she is so awesome/great/ better than the rest etc.

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