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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.13, “Finale Part 1”

So begins our final trip down the runway. Today’s episode is about the designers’ homes and a glimpse of their lines, and we get to visit with Tim. When the designers return for Fashion Week, only three will get to show.

First up, Tim visits Patricia in her home in New Mexico. Her home is filled with beautiful colors, clothing, and jewelry. I love the traditional native setting. Despite her confession to Michelle that she wouldn’t use handmade textiles, her line totally does. Tim points out that her clothes take a thought and make it abstract, but in her collection, some of her clothes are too literal. Tim is really impressed with all that makes Patricia who she is. I am glad to see how strong she and confident she is.

Next, we visit Michelle in Oregon. Tim points out that she is honest in who she is and what she likes. Michelle’s inspiration was wolves. She has very strong pieces using black, gray, and a chartreuse or baby pea green. I love the hunting coat. Not too sure about the textured collar.

Then we visit Daniel in Texas. Daniel surprises us and Tim with a fro and a large ring. Tim compares him to a chia pet. His influence was artist Salvador Dalí, the nebulous, and sting rays. Daniel has a blue coat that I noticed right away. It stuck out as a discordant note, Tim points it out as grandma’s robe. Everything in his design is red, black, and white. Where did the blue come from?

Finally, we visit Stanley in West Hollywood. We meet with him first in his work area. He has gold, black, and orange, and white. The influence was the ’60s and Spain. Tim can’t understand the color palette in the coat. Stanley wanted a pop of color, but Tim points out that if you go with opulence, you have to stay with opulence. Then we meet Stanley’s niece and his partner. We find out that Stanley auditioned three times before he finally made it on the show. Hugs all around!

Then we return to New York! Daniel and Michelle are the first to return. She senses a reticence to being with her. Stanley returns and then Patricia. They get the day to unwind before the next elimination.


Each designer must show three pieces that represent their line. And since this is team challenge season, the designers get assistants. Again.

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  • Stanley gets Richard
  • Daniel gets Patricia
  • Michelle gets Amanda
  • Patricia gets Layana


The Designs:

As they conference with their partner to see what pieces to use, we get a glimpse of a dress from Stanley that looks like roaches on silver fabric or the Dalek….yikes. Stanley holds firm to his aesthetic and doesn’t see the age it presents. Stanley chooses to send down a gold dress with a beaded plunging neckline, a top with jacket and short pants, and the (Dalek) black rhinestone beaded shirt and shirt paired with a cute jacket.

Judging: Heidi suggests that he didn’t have enough to choose from. The proportions dated the outfit. Nina agrees that the looks are cohesive and luxe, but he needs to inject a bit of sexiness in the styling. Nina loves the roach top. The gold dress is dowdy. (I hate that dress.) Clothing was impeccably made but sizing and styling was off.

Michelle shows Tim some really awesome outfits, I love the tri-color dress. Reminds me of time travel or maybe the Browncoats! Woot! Michelle’s outfits have a real steampunk flavor. Her three looks that she sends down are intriguing. First, she sends a large sweater with her circular wolf pattern, gray denim, and chaps. The second look is a textured coat with quilted pants. The third look is a full blouse and skirt with a black skirt over a layered and quilted chest plate.  The chaps are a little much for me. I am bummed she didn’t show the dress.

Judging: Zac points out that she created a universe. Heidi loved the outfits. Nina suggests to move away from being too tricky. She also states that the hair is a bit too messy or too drab.

Patricia chose her horse hair jacket, a blue dress with hand made silver sequins–lose the head piece, and the blue gingham leather jacket looks lumberjack in Tim’s eyes. I totally agree. Layana pulls out a different outfit that garners the right response. The three looks show the different techniques that she used in her line. The first is a babydoll dress with her own fabric – this dress does nothing for her model. The second look was her horsehair jacket. The final look is the blue dress with the bouncy blue head piece.

Judging: Heidi loves the horsehair jacket and the blue dress. The dress is not loved, same feeling I had. They ask Patricia what brings her diversity together? Is it going to be a circus? (Based on the blue shirt I get that same feeling.) Nina welcomes us to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss. (Yes!) There is too much going on. Zac loves it.

Daniel is showing a pant, a dress, and a shirt and pants. However, his conversation on the sizes really worry me. He is making everything so small before he meets with his models. Yikes again. On the runway, his three outfits were: capris with a sleeveless top paired with a hat at a jaunty angle, a pair of pants with a knit top, and a square front sleeveless top, flowing black dress. The pant outfit with a hat reminds me of a Michael Jackson video.

Judging: Zac appreciates the effort to work with sting ray but points out we have seen the first look. Nina likes the jacket with the hat. The middle outfit doesn’t fit with evening or hat. There is no color or shape. Heidi quotes Michael Kors, “I am underwhelmed.” Zac points out that he has been rooting for Daniel all season. Daniel brought us the “sloppy seconds.”

The Results:

Michelle is in,

Patricia is in,


Stanley is in. Which makes Daniel out. Poor Daniel. I am so disappointed for him. He had so much potential and such a fun personality! Even in the end he was still smiling.

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I would wear Michelle’s whole jacket look in a hot minute even with all the bags i think it looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest of her collection. I thought the Stanley’s bug dress would be great for a fancy Slytherin to wear but overall his collection looked too dated to me. If you would have told me that Patricia and Daniel would be in the final four at the beginning of the season I would not have believed you.

I am so excited to see Michelle’s collection! I loved the three pieces she showed for Part 1, and now I can’t wait for the rest. :) I’m also surprised with how much I liked some of Patricia’s collection, that blue dress in particular, and am curious about what else she’s got for us. As for Stanley and Daniel, both were super dull. I hope Daniel’s spirits stay up after getting so far, but I do think Stanley is the better choice for final three. If either one can turn drab to fab in a week, it’s Stanley.

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