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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Season 11 Finale, pt 2

This is it! The Season 11 finale! Michelle, Stanley, and Patricia are headed to NY Fashion Week. Let’s raise a glass to challenges past and fallen contestants (except Richard) as we watch the final three do what they do one more time. I have been truly blessed to share this season’s PR recaps with you, dear readers! I’m a longtime Project Runway fan and enjoyed sharing my love with you. I am already counting down the days until the next season.

To refresh our memories, last week, the judges gave each finalist several suggestions for improving their respective collections. This week, they get a surprise field trip to Mood with $500 to help make those improvements. How lucky are they? Michelle is relieved the designers can again enlist the help of Amanda, Layanna, and Richard (bah!) to help prepare for the runway show. As the designers go over their collections, I realize that Stanley has a lot of hardcore sewing to do–hemming, trimming, and cutting. Michelle only needs to make a top. Patricia has to completely remake her collection. I think she may be in a bit of trouble. Did you notice that Michelle put on the jacket she was cutting from her line? How bad ass is she?

They visit the L’oreal product placement suite with their gaggle of moddles. (What would a group of moddles be called? Let’s make something up! A bolt of moddles? A toddle of moddles? A smize of moddles?) Each designer heeds the judges’ recommendations while keeping elements they really like–messy hair for Michelle, horse hair for Patricia–while losing some of the parts they the judges didn’t like–volume on top becomes volume on the bottom for Stanley.

Like a dapper, silver angel, Tim descends to the workroom to share his wisdom with the final three.

Favorite quotes:

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  • “There has to be something inherently better about being organized.”
  • “Everything needs a lift.”
  • “You’re so tall, I’m going to need a ladder.”
  • “Holy hell, Batman.”


Michelle is ready.

Patricia is ready.

Stanley has maybe one outfit ready for the runway. Michelle graciously, and without precedent, offers to help sew, then shares four of her six dressers with him to help him finish backstage. Stanley rethought his entire collection, and from the looks of things, there’s no way he’s going to have all of his moddles covered up enough for basic cable in time.

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, the actual show. Readers, I must interrupt your regularly scheduled recap to alert you to what Heidi is wearing. If a PR designer showed it, Sir Michael Kors would surely compare it to a  sartorial choice by an elderly cruise ship traveler at a disco. I wish I could post the pictures. If you haven’t seen the episode, head over to so I don’t suffer alone.

Michelle’s Collection:

Michelle’s inspiration is a lone female wolf who’s lost her pack, looking for the last kill to survive. The runway is Michelle’s last kill, which I hope means things are about to get medieval on the runway.

Look 1: That adorable tri-color ombré dress I noticed/mentioned with the last episode.

Look 2: A similar dress in egg-yolk yellow with tan trimming.

Look 3: A repeat of the first two, in black.

Look 4: A mustardy brown chiffon ensemble with a tan wool layer, a tie collar, and black tights. I actually like this look and would totally wear it in another color with leggings, even the scarf in a men’s tie knot.

Look 5: A repeat of the orangey brown in a dark olive, but backwards, with a light tan overlay version of the breast plate she used in many of her looks. The tie acted like a scarf floating in the wind. I loved the vintage red hat. However, the ring looked like a cigarette laying across her hand.

Look 6: A long olive dress with a black tuxedo-trimmed skirt overlaid that we saw last episode.

Look 7: She sent the long black quilted coat down, without anything under it from what I can tell. Michelle did not take any of the bags off. I like that she is a girl with conviction. She knows what she likes and sticks to it.

Look 8: Next she sends a black top with large scarf collar paired with straight gray skirt with large pockets up near the waist.

Look 9: The wolves in a circle sweater, gray slacks, and black leather chaps. For some reason I like the sweater, long sleeve blouse look.

Look 10: The yellow top she created with her recent trip to Mood and tan quilted pants. The top is a long rectangular opening, triangular pleats on the skirt and gold studs emblazoning the pleats/seams.

Look 11: Next Michelle sent down the bleeding heart. Michael’s facial expression matches my own. I will say the colors are great but the idea of a bleeding heart on your chest is strange. (ed. note: WANT.)

Look 12: The gorgeous red long dress with a neck line that mirrors the yellow top with the gold studs flow in the imagery of the show–sort of the blood from that peeked from the bleeding heart.

Judges: Nina and Michael “loved, loved, loved” the opening. Ha, so did I. The silhouette was very consistent. Nina loved the heart sweater. Zac didn’t drink from the same fountain. Michael points out that her pieces are commercial and made a great show.


Water Lily, whose English name is Patricia, found inspiration in trees.

Look 1: A baby-doll dress in pink and white silk with a dark fuchsia flowers drawn on the bottom half of the dress. The look is completed with a dark fuchsia scarf.

Look 2: A dark red velvet top with open arms and a back. The pants are white and red pattern block.  I love this top, it could be totally sexy with a black skirt, but I guess that would be expected. (ed. note: ALSO WANT.)

Look 3: Sleek black pants made from a swatch of leather purchased before Patricia noticed several holes in it, which she disguises with more holes, paired with a long tank top with yellow, white, and black patterns.

Look 4: Flowy black pants with a long top, more like a square folded in half, in a printed tan and black fabric. This one is so me.

Look 5: A short, red shift dress with hand sewn gold sequins. This look is adorable and very wearable.

Look 6: A long slinky dress in her printed fabric of yellow and black with a long sleeve red slip.

Look 7: A blue tank top that matches the adorable blue dress we saw last week. There are a few hand sewn handmade sequins on the shoulder. This top is paired with short dark blue shorts, that really seem poorly made.

Look 8: Bouncy hair hat, a black jacket, with a short white skirt with horse hair.

Look 9: The baby-doll dress we saw last episode with a leather top and flowy pattern fabric skirt. Patricia did not make any changes to this look.

Look 10: The lumber jack blue and plaid shirt, created with hand cut squares paired with black leather shorts. These are short shorts and they are cute. There is a bit of poof to them.

Look 11: The horse hair jacket with skinny leather slacks painted on like butter.

Look 12: The final look is Patricia’s cute light blue dress with hand sewn handmade sequins and covered in sheer blue squares. (ed. note: MUST HAVE.)

Judges: Michael finds it fabulous but “Oh my god the art teacher is on an acid trip.” I have really missed Michael’s quotes. Heidi enjoyed her looks. Zac loved the blue dress. Nina encourages her to clean it up. “New, different.”


Stanley’s collection is third, which gives him the extra time he desperately needed. But even then he is still frantically sewing models into the garments. His woman was a shopping, working woman. His theme was urban opulence.

Look 1: The first look is a long sleeve black tapestry jacket with a wide leather belt paired with cropped pants.

Look 2: The gold dress has been turned into a skirted-top with a black pencil skirt.

Look 3: A black and tan printed dress with the leather open short jacket – the leather looks soft like butter and I just want to rub my cheek on it.

Look 4: A metallic gold slinky shirt and skirt that hits at the knees with a crop jacket with long sleeves.

Look 5: The black rhinestone encrusted skirt and shirt go down the runway without the jacket. I still think of Daleks.

Look 6: Gold jacket/dress? with a large peaked collar and a wide gold belt.

Look 7: Knee length pewter sequined dress wrapped with a wide gold belt. The dress has a long piece of fabric down the back that floats out as she walks.

Look 8: A short golden brown dress with a high neckline and embroidery on the sleeves and skirt. The dress has like an attached cape that follows out as the model walks.

Look 9: A sleeveless bubble dress that reminds me of a towel wrapped around a person after a shower–sorry.

Look 10: smooth sheath dress with a flowing over coat that looks like painted fabric. This the “house” coat that we saw when Tim visited Stanley back in California. I love the way it looks open, much better, like a night at the opera.

Look 11: Gold short dress with hand sewn gold sequins. Stanley took the hem way up and the dress is adorable.

Look 12: Luscious red skirt with hand-embroidered tank in a burgundy red.

Judges: Michael chooses three pieces that he enjoyed. But he calls the final dress “Betty White on Dancing With the Stars. She’s Holly Hobby.” Heidi likes the gold dress cut and noticed the “quick” sewing on the runway. Some of his pieces, the white dress in particular, were fabulous.

And the winner”¦



(Eek! Happy dance, fist pumping, and turning circles. )

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You and me both. Especially with Michelle’s collection being so killer, and Patricia actually pulling things together. I was kind of shocked and pleasantly surprised by her collection. She showed some very wearable but still unique and slightly oddball pieces. And it definitely was more cohesive than I thought it would be. But I had had such high hopes for Stanley’s collection before Part 1 aired, and really did think he would turn things around since all his stuff was made so well and could easily been youthed up, like he did with the gold dress-now-peplum top. I also hate it when one designer is clearly the loser, especially when said designer had been doing so well all season.

Are you going to recap next week’s reunion show?

Oh yeah, that blue dress is amazing! I would totally wear it.

I’ll probably watch it just to see how many times Daniel yells about Michelle telling him to design for a 21 year old. I think that’s going to be hilarious. I wish I had cable so I could livetime it with some of my friends.

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