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This week’s news appetizers from Asia:

North Korea is still doing that thing where they’re trying to prove that they are the big dog in this game. South Koreans continue in the belief that the North’s bark is worse than its bite.

China’s done very little in regards to telling North Korea to simmer down, but that looks like it’s changing. Chinese President Xi Jinping says it will work to calm tensions in the region saying, “No one country should be allowed to upset world peace.” He did not offer an apology to Japan, the Philippines or Vietnam over how China is raising tensions in the area by claiming outer lying islands that happen to be near valuable shipping lanes.

The Prime Minister of Australia is planning on telling it like it is at a Chinese economic forum. It’s interesting that North Korea is trying to run the world by threatening global thermonuclear war, while China is trying to run the world with economic policies and more subdued displays of military power.

Speaking of China, remember when bird flu was a thing? Yeah, it’s back. 

In case you didn’t know already, war sucks. Especially when innocents are the casualties.

Finally, it some lighter news, Pakistan is advancing to the U-16 Asia Cup finals in field hockey, a young Chinese golfer is the youngest player ever to tee off at the Master’s and the global retail chain Zara will display major Asian fashion influences in its spring/summer 2013 collection.

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