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Here’s some news from Asia to kick-start your week.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Japan on his last stop of his first official visit to Asia as Secretary of State. His time was spent talking about North Korea and encouraging the nation to calm down and talk like adults. North Korea still keeps referring to the U.S. like we are Lex Luthor.

So air travel in Asia can sometimes be sketchy, like the time my friend and I flew a discount airline to the Philippines only to be informed by her once we had safely landed back in Seoul that the airline had a history of crashes. (It was Zest Air, FYI. Never fly with them, they’re horrible.) Anyway, lucky for passengers on a Lion Air flight to Bali, the pilot knew what he or she was doing when the plane crashed on the runway and landed in the water. All 101 passengers and seven crew members survived the incident.

Despite a penalty for slow playing, Guan Tialang from China became the youngest player to make the cut at a major U.S. golf tournament at 14.

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra used the occasion of the Thai traditional New Year, Songkran, to ask forgiveness via his Facebook page.

A Nepali journalist has set the world record for the longest talk-show after spending 62 hours on the air.

A bomb planted on a bus in Pakistan killed eight people, including women and children.

Burma’s president said that the nation needs to learn from its past if it is ever to overcome the challenge of democratization.

So what started out as a bet between billionaire entrepreneurs has raised the issue of transgender rights in Malaysia, where the right to dress according to the gender a person identifies with is prohibited.

Finally, in South Korean news NOT related to the North, PSY has released his follow-up single to “Gangnam Style,” his monster of a hit that has followed me across several countries and a couple of continents. Now we have a new song to parody on YouTube.

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I felt genuinely ill when I watched the video for Psy’s new song. I remember with Gangdam Style, my criticisms of how women were treated in the video were largely met with “but it’s being ironic and making fun of the trope!”

Now, he releases a new video full of him pranking random women/children, as well as numerous barely-clothed women doing sexualized things.

I just…


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