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Open Thread: On the Fringe

There are shows I’ve wanted to watch for a while, but I haven’t because they aren’t on Netflix and I’d rather not pay by the episode (and I feel funny about not paying for content). So I am thrilled that Fringe is now on Netflix Instant!

I’ve never watched it. And I am pumped to experience this show that so many have loved.

What shows do you want to watch that you haven’t gotten around to? Does downloading free content make you feel funny? Discuss!


By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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Soooo, 4 hours at the emergency vet and a recommendation to take my cat to a cardiologist later, I now know how I am spending my tax return. She had a sort of spell where apparently she was having some bad vertigo (she looked drunk, but as I knew kitty was not drunk I took her to the vet). She has pills to help with that now, but it looks like her heart is acting up and she needs to see a specialist. She’s worth it, but I had sorta hoped to do something fun with that money.

A few months ago my stupid roommate used my 8qt stockpot to soak her feet in. She thought it would be fine because she was planning on bleaching it when she was done (no, not fine, she wrote me a $35 check to cover the cost of it).

I’ve started seeing this guy named Andy. This morning he was supposed to come over. I decided to eat fruit on the back patio while I waited for him. I left the front door unlocked and a note on it that said “Andy, come on in. Everybody else go away because we don’t want your kind here.” Well. Andy came over, laughed about the note but didn’t take it down. We left through the garage and I totally forgot about the note. My stupid roommate found it and sent me this text message:

I took your note off the door because it comes off as rude & let me just say that Andy isn’t the only one welcome, we ALL pay rent here. I will be having Nate over tonight (he is welcome) and we will be in the living room so I hope you didn’t plan on using it. You see, it’s polite to forewarn someone when a guy is going to be in the community living space of THEIR home. That’s what I’m doing here. Also, I’m directly communicating with you like adults should do not leaving notes around the house like a caddy brat. I don’t know why you choose not to like me & honestly it’s not that important to me but I refuse to be uncomfortable in my own place any longer. If you don’t want to see me, go to these guys’ house that you’re dating every once in awhile because I’m not going out of my way to avoid you any more. That is all. Have a great day.

So, I sent her this:
That note was a joke because I was outside sitting at the table eating fruit and I knew I wouldn’t hear him knocking. The your kind isn’t welcome was directed at burglars and rapists. I’m sorry it didn’t come across that way to you.

So, the thing is. ALL of the things in the living room are mine except 1 recliner. I purchased a $200 couch, a $450 TV, and a $75 coffee table specifically for the living room because I am a benevolent roommate that has cash and she’s broke as a joke. The couch/tv/coffee table in the living room are definitely nicer than the couch/tv/coffee table in my bedroom. I feel like a petty bitch for wanting to switch them out but if she’s going to start hanging out here all the time with her boyfriend then I really feel like she shouldn’t get the good shit. Or, I could just put ALL the shit in my bedroom and leave the living room empty except for a single recliner.

Does anyone have any coherent thoughts on this situation?

I have been in this situation before, almost exactly. You need to actually talk to her, because this is going to escalate out of control REALLY fast. She has called you rude, selfish, catty, bratty, unwelcoming, and kind of a slut. (That’s how it comes across to me anyway.) Plus, sending a text message and calling it “direct communication” is really passive aggressive. Corner her and make her discuss it. Otherwise she will end up having her mother call you and shaking snow off her boots into your face at 6 am. True story.

(And switch the furniture, sure, if you WANT to, but don’t just put it all in your room. It’s important to be the sane balanced one for as long as possible in these situations.)

I haven’t seen one hot minute of Lost. I thought I’d get around to watching it on Instant and just streamline the whole series, but as someone who gets really irritated by being told what to watch (shut up, I know I recap series for the site to convince people to watch them!) I’m now just actively boycotting it.

I don’t watch Mad Men either, but I’m saving that for the Great Move of 2013. I think I’ll have some free time on my hands once I get where I’m going.

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