Peas: The First Thing You’ll Plant This Year

There’s nothing quite like snap peas fresh off the vine. Or a juicy pea, freshly shelled. Peas are a fantastic way to kick off your gardening season; they can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked and finish their season right as summer warmth takes over. This year I plan on growing two pea varieties, a snap pea that I eat pod and all, and one I can dry and save for making winter soups. If you plant snap peas and lettuce around the same time, you can enjoy some tasty early spring salads months before the traditional garden season begins! And as always, since I know most of you don’t have the yard space to play around with, I dug up a little video nugget of gold relating to apartment gardening your peas!

Now if you want to do like I plan on doing and save some peas for soup, you don’t harvest the pods off the vine until they’ve dried out and rattle in the pod. They then can be picked and shelled. Depending on the pea variety you choose you can set aside a small number for growing with next year in a dark dry place, then dry pack the soup peas in an airtight jar or something similar. I’m planning on tossing an O2 absorber in just to ensure they stay fresh, but that’s not mandatory. Make sure the peas are dry and clean (no mold or bugs) when they go in the jar, and they should last about a year.


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another fun container-y kind of planter thing: apparently straw-bale gardening is now a thing. And a good thing at that!

Also yay for peas! They are my absolute favorite thing fresh from the garden. Today was the first really warm day we’ve had in a while, and gardening is on my mind. Better get my compost turned in…

I love your gardening posts! Do you have any advice on things that will grow in containers on my shady north-facing balcony? I rented the apartment in the dead of winter, and am just now realizing that I picked just about the shadiest apartment in the whole complex :-(

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