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This Open Thread Is Dedicated To Alyssa Edwards

Alyssa Edwards? Who? Children, gather round this open thread, like little cub scouts here to learn-e-ded.

If you’re a Drag Race enthusiast like myself, then you know of Alyssa Edwards, the buck-toothed, Texas-style, pageant queen with a heart of gold and a head full of”¦ well”¦ something. Most folks are bothered by Alyssa, whether it is her sordid past and constant drama with fellow contestant and Miss Gay America snatching counterpart, Coco Montrese, or her inability to follow through successfully on challenges, etc., etc. You pick your poison. But children, Alyssa is entertaining – and quickly became one of my favorites, a Miss Congeniality with a dash of Miss What is She On?

I mean, look at her.

Note her spectacular process of thinking out loud.

Her ability to give face!

Finally, I love her ability to BRING. IT. as a high class performer, even as the said “worst.”


Isn’t it something when you begin to identify with reality TV show characters? As the season went on, I began to deeply appreciate Alyssa’s ridiculous Southern demeanor, her attention to face, and above all, that overbite. Consider us overbite soul sisters.

So babydolls, what reality TV show folks have you come to love and cherish? Tell us your best and worst.

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