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This Open Thread is Trading Places

Once upon a time, you could talk about racism and terrible rich people in a funny way.

And that time was the ’80s. Trading Places is a classic. And hilarious.

What are you watching lately?

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I have a pretty routine set of shows for when I’m not on the road (or for when I get back) – Doctor Who, Mad Men (or Walking Dead, or Breaking Bad; whichever is on AMC at the time), Game of Thrones, Celebrity Apprentice and sometimes Shark Tank (it’s an easy way to discuss business with my son), LA Shrinks (cos RHoBH is over – I am a sucker for dazzling makeup and wardrobes), Castle, The Soup, Community… and I’m hoping Defiance will be good cos I need more Sci-Fi in my life. If I’m bored and want some background or distracting programming, I typically leave it on the Food Network. And every night I tape Daily Show/Colbert to watch when the Food Network shows are…unappetizing (har har)…

For some reason, our TV service provider (AT&T) has added approximately 40 billion shopping/infomercial channels in the past few months. If I really need a brain sorbet, I’ll turn one of those on for a few minutes (any longer and my brain starts to melt – and I used to write and produce infomercials!)

Watching (lately)
GoT (last episode was good except for that ONE thing)
Mad Men (if I can get through the season’s premier)
Hannibal (curious about what will happen and how it will look)
Once Upon A Time (because why not)
Elementary (yaaay!)
The Carrie Diaries (yaaaay!)
The Mindy Project (annoying yet sweet yet awkward)

I currently have Mad Men and GOT queued up to watch.

I have now watched three episodes of Hell On Wheels, the AMC show about the building of the railway, but it’s not that great. I”ll probably give it a couple of more episodes before I decide if I want to stick with it.

I’m also watching The Americans. It’s getting better, but I really want it to be excellent and so far it’s not. I love, love, love that part of political history so I probably have unrealistic expectations for a show in its first season.

Suddenly I’m seeing Scandal mentioned everywhere, but have never heard of it so maybe I’ll look it up.

Person of Interest I really enjoy when I catch it. It also seems to always be a selection on planes so I’ve seen a few that way.

My ladybits lllluuuvvvv Jim Caviezel even while my brain screams no. But, the fun parts want what the fun parts want. I’m ashamed of my lust for him.

Scandal, Bones, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Elementary, Body of Proof, the Mindy Project. Yeah. I watch a lot. Oh – and catching up on Downton Abbey.

As long as I never have to watch the video of Brad Paisley and LL. I heard the song. That was too much in itself. Oh for the 80s. We had no clue how good we had it.

I’m watching Scandal, Supernatural, Dr. Who, Once Upon a Time, Justified, Game of Thrones and a couple of others. Yes, I watch too much TV.

Crowd-sourcing if any of you have quinoa recipes. I’ve got a couple recipes from here, but I’ll take any you ladies have.

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