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This Open Thread Needs Some Rain

Kittens, for the first time in history, it’s gonna rain. It’s gonna rain some men.

Frankly, the idea of being outside in a storm full of grown ass men raining down on my picnic sounds a little…meh, but I suppose it’s a wonderous way to start the spring. Not into raining men? Well let’s go for pipe dreams: how do you want to start the spring time?

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Ahhhhh so the trip I’ve been organizing for my middle schoolers’ trivia team is NINE DAYS AWAY. So far we’re 60% funded through 2 community org donations and 1 bake sale! Ahhhh so excited! I’ve been working my flippin’ tail off to get this going and I’m really feeling the effects of sustained stress.

The weather is throwing me for a loop. It’s getting near 90 for the highs here already. I haven’t been used to it getting hot this fast in a while. What sucks is that I’ve missed the prime running weather here because soon it’ll just be too hot and I hate running on a treadmill.

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