This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: I Need a Drink

Welcome to your weekly dose of ragestrokes. Pour yourself a drink; you’re not gonna want to deal with this sober. Trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.

In advance of a “Take Back the Night” event being held as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, University of Arizona junior Dean Saxton (aka Brother Dean Samuel) stood on campus with a handmade sign reading “You Deserve Rape.” The classics and religion studies major also delivered a sermon to spread the message that, “If you dress like a whore, act like a whore, you’re probably going to get raped”¦ I think that girls that dress and act like it, they should realize that they do have partial responsibility, because I believe that they’re pretty much asking for it.” (Arizona Daily Wildcat)

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old New Mexico woman who volunteers for Working America spoke in favor of raising the minimum wage at a county commission meeting. Steve Kush, executive director of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, responded with the following tweet:

Tweet by Steve Kush reading "Nice hat Working America chick but damn you are a radical bitch"

He has since been suspended indefinitely without pay for this and a slew of other sexist statements on his Facebook page. (Policy Mic)

Despite the popular belief that women talk more than men, several new studies prove that nope, it’s men who dominate conversations. The difference starts in the classroom, where male pupils talk more than their female classmates, and continues all the way to the boardroom, where even if men and women are present in equal numbers, the women can’t get a word in edgewise and have their suggestions dismissed out of hand. (PBS)

A new study shows that women who self-identify as feminist activists are subject to more sexual harassment in the workplace. The authors suspect that there are two main reasons for this – men feeling threatened by them and targeting them to put them in their place, or the fact that they may just be more likely to recognize and report harassment. (Cosmopolitan)

State legislative attacks on abortion access are making the procedure more expensive and even less attainable. (Women’s eNews)

Salon has a profile of professional Internalized Misogynist Pam Stenzel and the slut-shaming message she’s paid to recite at high schools around the U.S. in the guise of abstinence-only “education.” (Salon)

Why are summer music festivals so dominated by male-fronted acts when so many of the most popular artists are women? Because duh, it’s not cool to like lady music, you sellout. (Browbeat blog, Slate)

Wikipedia may be exiling women from their American Novelists category, though a behind-the-scenes discussion shows that they may have only been subcategorized as American Women Novelists to begin with. (The Guardian; Composite)

Women who write sci-fi and fantasy novels are getting published nearly as often as their male counterparts, but their books get reviewed in much lower numbers. (The Mary Sue)

In somewhat better literary news, it looks like the old canard that men won’t read books by or about women may not be true. Now we just need to get people to stop repeating it! (Slate)

Bitches be crazy, amirite? (India Bells)

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