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This Weekend Open Thread is Packing, Writing, and Crying

There’s not room for relaxation, Persephoneers.

I just found out I got the apartment I looked at not too long ago, which is awesome. Except now I have to pack. While also writing two papers and preparing a presentation. So this weekend won’t be for chilling out. It will be for DOING ALL THE THINGS while occasionally stopping to cry, drink, or both. If only my creative process wasn’t so much like the one on Toothpaste for Dinner, maybe I’d have finished sooner.

What’s going on with you?

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Huuuurgh I just ran my first 5K in maybe a year and a half. I feel like a collection of aches and stiffness but also satisfaction??? I gave up running in 2012 to try and focus on powerlifting (got a book that told me NO CARDIO for more than 15min) and this was a Bad Idea. Turns out my body needs more cardio than that. I packed on the weight but not much muscle.

The last time I raced I was 30lbs lighter and actually, this run (on a treadmill, training for a 10K) was just a little bit faster than that one! Go me. Go the speedening-effects of treadmills.

Thank you! I tried running outside a couple of times in the last two weeks (for the short, 15-20 minute runs- driving to the gym seems like a waste for those) but it is EFFING COLD and when it’s not cold, everything is melting into slushy puddles. Treadmill it is.

That’s pretty much the case!

To be honest, I’m not sure where the tradeoff came from. I did spend the last year or so getting to know my body a bit better- knowing how it feels to have activated muscles, which specific bits hurt when pain arises, etc. The endurance definitely wasn’t there (I was doing short minute by minute intervals yesterday vs when I last ran 20min straight) but there may have been some payoff from larger/denser more usable muscles overall.

Thanks! It’s about 70% of my bodyweight, which is nice. I’m doing a beginners weightlifting course and really enjoying it so far, despite the puny upper body strength I currently have (inverted rows? kill me now). But I want biceps :)

I know I just posted, but I couldn’t make it to the wedding of some friends this weekend, and on Friday, I left a message on her facebook wall that just said, “Congrats guys! (And Cameron, don’t mess it up. ;) )” Last night during the reception, Cameron said his ex-wife’s name (instead of his new wife’s) on the microphone in front of ALL THE ATTENDEES.

This proves all theories that I am a jinx.

So far this weekend, I:
-got bloodwork
-got a bruise from said bloodwork that makes me look a bit like a heroin addict
-had pho!
-had tacos!
-had wine! it wasn’t good :(
-washed ALL THE DISHES that have been piling up for….weeks…maybe a month…six weeks tops
-watched Doctor Who and the first season of Adventure Time

Not a bad weekend so far, I’d say.

I had a great, relaxing day. I spent too much money on plants and white wine glasses and a frame for my awesome new poster (of wine, of course) and I am apparently in a good spot to see the northern lights from my porch tonight. (Provided I can stay awake of course.)

And looking around my living room, it seems that I have decorated entirely with stuff about wine. And one Doctor Who pic. Trying to decide what this says about me.

So, things. I am officially on food stamps (and I made a trip to the most convenient food pantry, and can go back once a week but they sometimes allow two trips). And I will get the ugly eviction notice (hopefully early in the week), BUT there’s an organization that helps veterans who have financial need with housing expenses, and they can help for a few months (so once the temp job starts again, I’m not behind to begin with as I was ALL last year).

Also, the property manager has been really, really nice about everything. She even let me move into the room hateful roommate vacated (but didn’t clean or vacuum, which was a gross hour). I HAVE WINDOWS. SUNLIGHT! AIR! I can watch birds from the window that my desk is in front of!!! All I have left to do is clean my previous room, which shouldn’t take long but I don’t want to do it today. I’ll do it tomorrow. I am watching Mad Men today.

AND!!! A sort-of-local friend (she’s in one of the other two points in the Triangle area) found cash in the street early this week, and nobody legit contacted her to claim it (she posted a craigslist ad; someone did e-mail her claiming to have lost around a thousand bucks). So next weekend, she’s coming down here, and we are getting a nice lunch and playing at one of the museums (and another friend, who’s a bit of a drive away, might also come up for the weekend).

What a tough situation. But I’m so glad that people are sharing some kindnesses with you. I know in my area, we have Operation Stand Down, which is for assisting veterans with housing needs, which sounds kind of like what you have. I’ll have my fingers crossed for an easy transition for you.

I second this. You might just swing by the Human Resources department and ask about policies. They aren’t allowed to discuss those issues with other employees (and won’t if they are at all decent people) and might be able to help or at least put it in a file somewhere so you have a paper trail if this guy ever tries to use your cancer against you.

Good luck! Just remember, take care of yourself. Remember to eat and keep hydrated (my big mistake during busy times as an undergrad…) This will pass and then you can take all the naps.

This weekend should be good. Me and my boyfriend are heading out for the first time in a while. I’m a bit anxious about it (my brain) but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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