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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread

It’s Thursday, lovelies. Time to get your groove on!

I’ve fallen down an Icona Pop YouTube hole, and I’m not sure I want to come out.

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So I put my two weeks in a week ago, and ever since then, they have given me THE patient every shift I work. You know the one, the patient that no one wants to take care of. The one that makes you dread coming to work. The one that makes you question your career choice because surely you’re not being paid enough for this bullshit. THAT one.

I guess they don’t want me to miss this place. :-/

Lol. That thought has already crossed my mind. ;)

And actually, I don’t mind taking one for the team, but a solid two weeks of THE patient was not something I was hoping for. Then I asked my charge nurse about it before I left this morning and she told me THE patient had requested me specifically after I had them all weekend. There’s a 75% percent chance that this is complete horseshit, but still… making a difference!

The only thing dancing for me tonight is my vision. Got new glasses for the first time in 10 years. It turns out my vision has decreased substantially in that time. Everything is distorted around the edges. I have to wear them as is for the weekend and see if I can adjust. If not, the eye doctor is going to either reshape them or explore completely different lenses to deal with the thickness around the edges. They also had to order special contact samples for me to try out until I make up my mind for which prescription I want. They don’t make -7.75, so I have to choose whether I want 7.5s or 8s. So I am the annoying patient of the week, and my vision is doing the wave.

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